Where Have you Been?

A girl named Jully visits england to stay with her friend for a while, after her friend Victoria forgot to pick her up, Jully bumps into Harry and meets him, a week or more she had to go back to canada, Victoria gets married to Niall in 3 more years, Jully comes back for the wedding, sees Harry and married him, but would Kyle try to ruin their relationship? Ashley comes since Jully left, Jully finally saw Ashley, and shes already married to Louis, what else is gonna happen? Guess you'll just have to find out..


20. Jarry's Wedding

Jully's P.O.V

I woke up this morning. Yes, this is the day I get married, my own moment to getting married to someone I love, I've always thought I would get married to a Doctor or a Lawyer or something like that, but no, I'm actually marrying a celebraty, Theres a million other girls in this planet, and he picked me? I couldn't believe it.

Harry woke up, "Good morning, soon to be my wife." said Harry, Giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning, soon to be my Husband." I smiled.

Someone barged in through our door, It was Niall and Victoria, Victoria grabbed me and took me to the limo, and Niall grabbed Harry took him to the other limo.

"Jully, we gotta get you ready! your favourtie color is blue and Harry's is Orange right?" Victoria asked

"Uhh, Yeah." I replied

"Kay, good, Alot of people are coming, Ellen, Brigit Mendler Shes kinda mad but shes wants to come, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Paul, your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, your niece your nephew Harry's family, my Family, the boys parents are coming, and everyone else." Victoria explained

"Wooaaah. !" I said.

when we arrived Victoria shut my eyes because she doesn't want me to see the wedding because it's a supprise, and when we got into the changing room, Victoria threw high heels at my head

"OWW!" I yelled. Victoria started laughing at me, and she slapped my head,  If I haven't mentioned this earlier, Victoria loves to hurt me, she yelled at me to go get dressed and not to come out of the changing room until the wedding, she doesn't want me to see it, I'm kinda scared because VICTORIA planned my wedding, what if she made it bad? but eh, as long as I'm getting married, I'm fine.

Harry's P.O.V

Niall grabbed me and started screaming at me, he wanted this to be perfect, and that I shouldn't ruin it, Yes I SHOULDN'T RUIN IT. "Yes Niall, Like I can Ruin my own wedding, because I've always wanted to do that, ruin my moment with the girl I love?" I said sarcasticly, Niall gave me a mean look and told me to shut the fuck up. He rushed me into the changing room and everything, Until than when I got ready I went inside the church and It was beautiful, except the Orange and the blue, doesn't look good together, well thats my opinion, but since Victoria and Niall worked hard on it, I didn't wanna make any rude comment, so they rushed me up to the Ile, and Jully's dad came up to talk to me.

"Jully's my little girl, you know that right?" He asked me.

"Yes, I know.. I love her all my heart, I would never leave her, Never cheat, nor I will never break her heart!, Don't worry Mr. Robinson. I love Jully!" I said to her dad.

He started laughing than said "Please son, call me peter! I think you and I will get along quite well."

I smiled and shook his hand, he left, Niall was yelling "GET READY!! THE WEDDING'S ABOUT TO START!!" the boys were my best man, and the other 4 girls Jada, Rosemita, Victoria, and Ashley were the bridesmaids, I got ready, when the music was on, everyone gasped, I turned around and I see Jully with a beautiful white dress on, her father was walking with her, when she got up here I whispered "You look really beautiful love." I winked, Jully started blushing.

After that was over we all had a party, we ate, we dance, we had alot of fun! after that was over I  carried Jully to our house, and we started giggling with eachother, When I was about to take her shirt off, our door knocked, I ran downstairs, so did Jully, I opened the door and it was out next door neighbour.

"We weren't making any noises this time!" I said all annoyed whenever they come.

"No no! I bought you guys champain, since you guys are now Mr and Mrs.Styles.!" They said I felt kind of rude, I took the champain and said thankyou so much. I closed the door nicely and me and Jully and a nice glass of Champain.

A/N sorry if this may be short, I had nothing to else to write. I MIGHT try to write more later on, If I don't than Tomorrow It is!! goodbye My little Kitties, Love ya ;)

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