Where Have you Been?

A girl named Jully visits england to stay with her friend for a while, after her friend Victoria forgot to pick her up, Jully bumps into Harry and meets him, a week or more she had to go back to canada, Victoria gets married to Niall in 3 more years, Jully comes back for the wedding, sees Harry and married him, but would Kyle try to ruin their relationship? Ashley comes since Jully left, Jully finally saw Ashley, and shes already married to Louis, what else is gonna happen? Guess you'll just have to find out..


24. Everythings fine, right? Hmmm, maaybee..

Niall's P.O.V

This week was such a mess, Ashley leaving Louis, got backtogether with him, Jully and Harry pregnant, what elses gonna happen? Me and Victoria divorcing, hmmph.

"Hey babe, how are you?" Victoria came downstairs while I'm eating a sandwhich thinking.

"Just thinking about how this week is such a screw up, I mean Ashley leaving, gotton backtogether with Louis again, Jully and Harry are pregnant, what else gonna happen, let me guess, Zayns gonna get Jada pregnant even though he just meant her a few months ago? or Liam abusing Rosemita? Or you and I are getting divorced? what the fuck is going on??" I yelled.

"Babe, don't say that, we will never get divorced, we're too good for eachother." She said rubbing my back trying to calm me up.

"What the fuck Victoria, I'm trying to eat my fucking sandwitch and you're here talking, that all you fucking do, is talk talk talk talk and TAAAALK! WHY THE FUCK WONT YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCKING FUCKERS UP ALREADY, HOLY.!" I snapped.

Victoria looked all mad and ran upstairs, what did I just say, Oh god, can this day get any more worse? than something hit my head really hard, "I guess so.." I ran upstairs and I see Victoria crying on the bed.

"Babe, I'm sorry.. I never meant to snap at you, I'm such an ass, please forgive me love." I said all nicley and calm.

She nodded her head and gave me a hug, I hugged her tightly back, I tried to make her feel safe. I got an unknown call randomly, I didn't know who it was.

"Hello, Niall Horan? You were amazing last night, we should do it again sometime, you, me bed, hardcore." The unknown caller sad, Victoria and wanted to hear more, so she grabbed the phone and use my fake voice "Continue.."

"Well, did you know your condom broke." the unknown caller said, I can tell that 'it' gave a smirk on his/hers face, Why would someone do this to me? It looked like Victoria had enough so she just slapped my face and grabbed Juliet and all her stuff, as soon as she was about to leave she said "Have fun playing around with girls, you will never see Juliet, she shouldn't be near someone who is not mature enough" She drove away.

Victoria's P.O.V

I couldn't believe it, I got tickets to go back to canada, so I stayed over at Jully and Harrys house for the night, they're so loud at night, I don't know how Ashley and Louis' twins sleep at night.

The next morning everyone was sleeping I grabbed Juliet and all my stuff, I walked out the door and went to the airport, I'm still crying about Niall.. Why would he do that to me?? WHY? I never did anything wrong, I tried to be the perfect wife he could ever have, I see Juliet sleeping peacefully, I love my little daughter.

"VICTORIA HORAN, IF YOU LEAVE, I'LL DIE!" Someone screamed, I turned around to scream that my last name isn't Horan anymore, but I couldn't believe who I saw, It was Niall. I dropped my bags and everything. I was shocked. I was lost, I was confused.

A/N: Oh god, I needed more drama in this story so it can be more intresting, I'll make it up to chapter 40 and the fanfic will be officially done, just saying, Byeeeee my little Kitties, loveyouuuuuuu! Muaaaaah. <3

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