Where Have you Been?

A girl named Jully visits england to stay with her friend for a while, after her friend Victoria forgot to pick her up, Jully bumps into Harry and meets him, a week or more she had to go back to canada, Victoria gets married to Niall in 3 more years, Jully comes back for the wedding, sees Harry and married him, but would Kyle try to ruin their relationship? Ashley comes since Jully left, Jully finally saw Ashley, and shes already married to Louis, what else is gonna happen? Guess you'll just have to find out..


21. Christmas eve.

Harry's P.O.V

we woke up early in the morning of Louis' call.


"Woah Lou. Calm down, It's a suprise, You'll find out laters." Jully giggled.

"Yah, Calm down!" I said, confused because we don't have anything for him, oh shit shopping.

we hung up the phone and Jully grabbed me, we went to many places.. We bumped into Victoria and Niall with Juliet, Victoria was calm but it seems like Niall's panicking.

"Hey bro, whats up?" I asked.

"The baby is due next month and I'm like really nervous, have you seen Ashley with her twins? OH SHIT WHAT IF WE HAVE TWINS.. NO TRIPLETS! , I can't handle this, why do I keep getting Victoria pregnant WHYY?" he said worrying for nothing.

"Chill out, me and Jully would love to be in the same spot as you guys, we've been trying to have a baby since last night." I said joking around. Niall wasn't seem to be laughing, he seemed to be more worried, Victoria bought baby clothes, stuff for Juliet and a present for Louis.

Niall's P.O.V

I've been calmed out about this baby, until the doctor said it's gonna be due next month, I panicked, it's been so fast and quick, I just hope I wont ruin this family, I will love this baby as much as I can, and love both of my kids equally, and try to be a good father, I hope it's a boy, it would be fun to have a boy to play baseball, but I want my little girl to be athlatic, Hopefully all the boys wont go all up on her when she gets older, HAHA, I'll feel bad for those kids..

"kay sweetie, time to go now." Victoria said all tired.

Wait, have I been thinking for this long? I'm starting to think alot lately.. "TS VICTORIAS FAULT FOR BEING PREGNANT!!" I yelled out loud in the mall, Victoria turned around all suprise, "oops, sorry babe, that was meant for my head.." Victoria smiled and than said "It's not technally my fault, your the one who put you blurg inside of me." she said Juliet said "Whats a blurg?" we ignored her and put her to her car seat. Live while we're young came on, Juliet loves this song, she started singing it out loud as she can and we all started smiling at her. 


Louis P.O.V.

I woke up in the morning and i screamed in Ashley's ear "WAKE UP BITCH ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!"

"NO" Ashley screamed 

"Aww thats mean, I just wanted you to wake up and for you to say Happy birthday to me" I said all sad. As soon as i said that Ashley got up and kissed me

"Happy Birthday" she said to me

Our kids started to cry so we went to go pick them up and we bought them to our bedroom, when we were trying to calm them down I said something funny and we all started laughing together, like a good and a happy family, I like having a family with the person I deeply love, but I'm still worrying about how last night when Ashley and the kids were sleeping, I heard a knock on the door, and I opened the door and I couldn't believe who I saw.

"Hey babe." she said to me.

"Umm, Hi..Eleanor, why are you here?" I asked.

"I just wanted to say, I think I still have feeling for you" She said smiling at me.

"well, I don't think I have feelings for you, I mean I am married to Ashley and we are living in a happy place with our two twin kids." I said as I was about to say something else she cut me off with a kiss, her kiss? I mean her lips are so soft, yet I feel so bad, I felt like I was a bad person, but I just enjoyed the kiss so much, so I kissed her back.

"See I knew you had feeling for me" said Eleanor pulling away the kiss.

"I didn't mean to kiss you back." I said to her.

"whatever, but I know you still enjoyed the kiss, that is why I'm not going to leave you alone." than she walked away. I was so surprised I couldn't go to bed, I went upstairs and I see Ashley sleeping so peaceful, so nice, How she yelled at me for getting my dick into her when she was giving birth, I think it would be worse if she finds out about Eleanor. I'm really scared to tell her, what if she leave me and the twins will too? Ugh, if only Eleanor would just leave me ALONE!

Victoria's P.O.V

Last night at 1:00 am, I wanted to scream happy birthday to his ear, as soon as I was about to go knock on the door, I saw a girl there, I thought it was Eleanor, I took a good look, and it was. I hid behind the bushes to see what was going on, I heard their whole convo and I saw them kissing, That bitch is gonna get it later.. I took a picture and I went straight home.

I see Niall in the kitchen screaming at the fridge for no food.

"Hey babe, don't scream your gonna wake up Juliet" I tried calming him down

"Oh sorry, just so fucking hungry!! By the way, where were you??" He asked.

"I went to go wake Louis up at his house, because I wanted to surprise him, and when I got there, I saw Eleanor walking up to his door, so I decided to head to the bushes." I explained everything to Niall than showed him the picture, Niall dropped his burgur and coke, and I was surprise, Niall never wastes food. He grabbed his phone to call Louis and yell, but I wouldn't let him, Because Louis would think I'm a creep for hiding in his bushes and listening to his convos. So Niall didn't tell Louis but I was really upset, Ashley's a really sweet girl, I'll just talk to Louis quietly, see if he'll tell me anything, He is my friend.

Niall's P.O.V

When Victoria told me about Louis and Eleanor I couldn't believe, I dropped my fucking Burger and my drink so this morning we went to Louis and Ashley's house and I grabbed Louis and I took him into the bathroom.

"what do you want man?" Louis asked me

"Do you have anything to tell me Lou? your own bestfriend?" I asked.

"well, Kso.. Eleanor came knocking on my door last night." Louis explained everything to me.

I slapped Louis across the face. "WHAT THE FUCK DUDE!!" I yelled at him.

"I never meant to, please don't tell Ashley!!" He said all worried.

I nodded my head, we heard a knock on the door, Louis ran straight to the door to see who it was.

Louis' P.O.V

Ugh it was Eleanor, I was afraid to open, but I did, I went outside with her.

"what are you doing here Eleanor? I don't love you, I love Ashley, It's time to move on, just go out with someone else. Leave me alone!!" I yelled.

She looked all mad so she went straight inside my house, she was about to say it, until Harry noticed whats going on, He went in and covered Eleanors mouth, He calmed her down and she came back in and said "Louis, I just wanted to give you a present, Here." Eleanor said trying to hold in her tears. I gave her a thankyou hug, but she just rejected it and whispered "Hugging you just makes me cry even more, Louis, you know I still have feelings for you." She than ran out the door so no one can see her in tears, I felt kind of bad for her.

But we still had fun in my party, We all had cake, Ashley decided to put my face in the cake, and bought in a new cake because the other cake was meant for my face supposenly, should of known.. Shes always like this, she gets another pair for something just in case, I love her, shes likes my everything, Shes gonna find out about the Eleanor eventually, I just know.

A/N, SORRY IF I HAVEN'T BEEN WRITING, IT'S JUST MY NIECE AND NEPHEW WERE OVER AND THEY ALMOST BROKE MY COMPUTER, I MEAN 4 KEYBOARDS ARE GONE, UGH. but I promise from now on I'll post more, sorry My little Kitties, Loveyouu MUAAAH!<3 Oh and Harry Styles If you ever read this, I'm single ;) LMFAOO ;)


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