Where Have you Been?

A girl named Jully visits england to stay with her friend for a while, after her friend Victoria forgot to pick her up, Jully bumps into Harry and meets him, a week or more she had to go back to canada, Victoria gets married to Niall in 3 more years, Jully comes back for the wedding, sees Harry and married him, but would Kyle try to ruin their relationship? Ashley comes since Jully left, Jully finally saw Ashley, and shes already married to Louis, what else is gonna happen? Guess you'll just have to find out..


34. Baby Stephen.

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up, to no one on my side, I was just hugging a pillow.. I wonder where Jully went? I walked downstairs to see Liam and Jully eating breakfast and talking.

"good morning Hazza." Liam smiled.

"Good Morning!" I smiled back. Jully ran up to me and gave me a good morning kiss.

"Now thats the good morning I've been waiting for." I winked at her.

"I made you breakfast." Jully said, giving me my plate of food, there was Bacon with French tost, and also apple juice, Just what I like.

"Thanks babe." I said, I kissed her on her nose and sat next to Liam. I noticed how he was eating too fast.

"Liam, You're eating like there is no tomorrow.?" Jully giggled.

"Oh, sorry.. What are my manners, I just love your cooking to much, I couldn't help myself." He laughed, Jully and Liam started laughing, so I joined in too. "So Liam.. found any other girl lately?" I asked.

"Hmmm, No not really, I'll just have to be single for a while." Liam said.

"Oh.. Okay." I said. "Liam, Liam, Liam.. We're going to find you a girl." Jully said, patting his back, just before Liam was about to say something, our phone rang, It was from Niall.

"Hello.?" I answered.

"I'm really scared to see him, yet so excited." He said.

"Hey, It's your second child bro." I said.

"Yeah, I know.. You wanna come over, the hospital is bringing Victoria over with Stephen, so you wanna see them?" He asked.

"Sure!" I said, He told me to come now, so I said yeah, than we hung up the phone, I grabbed Jully and Liam to come to the car, they were taking to long, so I'll wait for them in the car.

Liam's P.O.V

Harry went in the car, and Jully was upstairs getting ready, I really needed go pee, so I went upstairs, I see Jully in Harrys sweat pants with her sweater and grabbed a jacket.

"Sorry I needed to use the washroom." I said awkwardly.

"Haha, It's okay, It's not like I'm naked." She said.

"haha, Yeah." I fake laughed, I ran straight to the bathroom, and did my buisness there, than I went out, and I see Jully trying to find something.

"What're you looking for?" I asked.

"My phone, I seem to have lost it." She replied.

"Want me to call it?" I asked.

"Yeah." She said. I called it and It started ringing, It was under the couch near me, I went down to grab it, and I turn around and gave it to Jully.

"Thanks" Jully smiled.

"No problem." I said, than we got into a moment with our eyes for a while.

"Um, I think we should get going." she said, ruining our moment.

"Yeah." I said, I followed her out of the house and we saw Harry in the car. "What took you guys so long?" He asked. "Sorry babe, Liam had to use the bathroom and I lost my phone." Jully said, Harry nodded his head, Jully sat in the back, and I sat in the front, I tried to make Jully sit in the front and I sit in the back, but she just wouldn't listen, While we were driving I noticed Harry's hand was on Jully's leg.

We arrived at Nialls house, I ran up to the door and I knocked on it, a girl answered it.

"Hello?" She said.

"Hi, Um.. I'm Liam, Is Niall there?" I asked.

"Yeah, come right in." She said, Me Jully and Harry walked inside, and we see Niall sitting on the couch eating a burgur.

"Hi I'm Jully, and who might you be?" Jully asked the strange girl we have no clue, she had blue eyes, Brownish, blondish kind of hair.

"I'm Erica, Niall's cousin, my mom told me to come visit him." She said.

"Oh, Hi Erica, I'm Jully, and this is My husband Harry." Jully said, nice and clear, because she noticed how Erica was checking out Harry.

"Hi." She said, she shook my hand and Harrys, I was just sitting there.

"So how old are you?" I asked.

"I'm 19." She replied. "and what about you?"

"I'm 22." I said.

"Oh." She said. We all waited for Victoria, but it seems that she was taking forever to come, so we all talking to eachother, Niall, Harry and Jully were talking, and I wanted to talk to Erica, she seems to be laughing at my lame jokes, and we have been practically bestfriends now, her smile was so attractive though, afterwards, I noticed how she had a sad face on.

"Whats the matter?" I asked.

"Well, it's just, you remind me of my ex boyfriend." She said, looking upset.

"Aww, what happened?" I asked.

"Well, he told me that he had to go to his little sisters birthday party, than my friend invited me to go to the movies with her, than there was this couple infront of us making out, and my friend got grossed out 'GET A ROOM' she yelled at them, than the guy turned around with a pissed off look, and it was my boyfriend. I got up and ran away, he came chasing after me and I ran the the bathroom and hid there, I couldn't believe that happened." She cried. I gave her a hug. "No woman should be treated like that." I said trying to cheer her up. She looked up at me and smiled, and gave me a nice tight hug, after that we exchanged numbers.

Jully's P.O.V

I noticed Liam and Erica hugging, they look so cute together, I saw them hug.

"Seems like Liam found himself a girl." I whispered to Harry, Harry nodded his head and smiled. After that the door started to knock, Niall jumped up and ran to the door and opened it, It was Victoria holding Stephen.

"VICTORIA!" He Yelled.

"Shhhh, the baby is sleeping." She whispered.

"Can I hold him.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAASSSE!" He d with a puppy dog face.

"Just to get you to shutup." She said.

Niall's P.O.V

I saw Liam talking to Erica, and I kind of felt happy for them, they should go out, Liam and her have alot of common, hopefully he can feel the spark with her, and wont dump her like Rosemita. The door knocked, I jumped out of my seat and rand straight to the door, and it was Victoria holding the baby.

"VICTORIA!" I yelled.

"Shhhh, the baby is sleeping." She whispered at me.

"Can I hold him.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAAASSSE!" I begged.

"Just to get you to shutup." She said.

I held him in my arms, He was just so adorable. "Hello There little one, It's me Your father." I whispered, I gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"Wheres Juliet?" Victoria asked.

"shes at Louis' mums house." I said.

"Oh." She said. Harry and Jully started running up to me.

"AWWWW. Can I hold him?" Harry said. all jumpy.

"Yeah. but be careful." I said.

Harry was holding Stephen, and Jully was right beside him. "Hello little Stephen, we're your God parents." Jully whispered, and Harry making baby faces at him.

"Guys, why are you talking to him? He asleep, and Harry stop doing those faces, you look retarded." Victoria said, she grabbed Stephen and put him in his crib.

"Awwwww, Stephen.." Jully said.

"He's sleeping." Victoria said.

We were all talking and laughing with eachother, and we were spending our time together, afterward Liam, Jully and Harry left, so It was just me, Erica and Victoria, Victoria and Erica seem to be bestfriends already.

Erica's P.O.V

Liam seems so sweet, we're gonna hang out with eachother tomorrow night, I really think he is cute. I couldn't stop thinking about him, but we're just friends, But the way he smiles and the way he laughs, It just turns me on.

Harry's P.O.V

Holding Stephen made me happy, I can't wait till our child comes out, and I get to hold her/him. I noticed Jully smiling at me and Stephen.

The Next day.

I woke up at 7:00 in the morning, I see Jully still sleeping, I ran downstairs and started cooking breakfast, I see Liam sleeping on the couch, I started making bacon, grilled cheese and dippy eggs, and Jully's favourite drink is orange juice, I set it on the table, and I cooked more for me and Liam, I grabbed my quitar, and started banging them and Jully ran downstairs, and Liam jumped up.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?" Jully and Liam screamed.

"Breakfast?" I smiled.

Jully and Liam had a pissed off look, but they got hungry and ate anyway. I got a strange call.

"Hello." I answered.

"HELP!" The unknown person cried. than next thing you know, the phone hung up. I told Jully and Liam and they don't believe me, I called the person back again. I put it on speaker.

"Call this number again, and you're never gonna see Ashley." The unknown person said. Jullystarted to faint, shes been fainting alot lately.

A/N: Hey guys, Whatsuppppppppp? I love ya My little Kitties, don't you just hate it when I let you guys whats gonna happen next? BAHA, I'M EVIL! MUAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. BTW , Harry.. I love you babe. Please notice me. and if you're here reading this my twitter is on my profile :) Muaah Bye My little kitties, love you <3 ;)


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