Live While You're Young

Mavis was a normal girl. Went to high school, was in show choir, had friends, and enemies, and loved One Direction. When she enters a competition to meet them, her life gets flipped upside down. Mavis will have to chose between her love or her friends. Which will she chose?


5. Who is really there for me?

                     Three months have passed since I auditioned for One Direction. Its also been three months since I started dating Conner. Harry never liked the idea. He always said there was something about him that he didn't like. It was Christmas eve when I started to believe him.

                     I was Christmas shopping with the boys when out of the blue I saw Conner. And, Libby. "Wait," I said holding the boys back. They saw what I was looking at. I didn't want to believe that anything was going on. Just ten minutes ago Conner said that he loved me.

"No, no, he is just talking to her. That's all," I whispered. Libby put her hand on his cheek. They were both laughing. They boys looked at me with concern. But I wasn't about to cry in front of them. Even though a tear fell down my face. Before I knew it, I saw Conner and Libby kiss. I lost it. I ran right up to them. Harry tried to stop me, but it didn't work.

"How dare you!" I yelled at Conner. I was crying even more now. Libby was smiling.

"Mavis! It's not what it looks like," Conner said. Tears were streaming down my face. 

I turned to Libby. "You are an evil, manipulating witch," I told her,"I get one good thing in my life and you always find a way to ruin it!" I turned back to Conner. "Have a nice life." I turned and ran out in to the snow. I forgot that the boys were there but I didn't care. I ran as much as I could. When I stopped I was in a small park. I found a fountain, and I laid next to it in the snow. My career, my life, everything, felt like it was falling apart. I started freezing, but I wouldn't move. I closed my eyes, and thought back to when Harry ran me over with a car. I guess I did have a reason to thank Libby. If it wasn't for her I never would have met Harry. I felt a warm coat go over my body. I slightly opened my eyes to see Harry standing above me. He picked me up wedding style with my head on his shoulder.

"Harry I," I began to say.

"Shh. It's okay Mavis. I'm here for you. I always was," he said. He gave me a small kiss on the cheek. The touch of his lips were so warm, but so short. I started to shiver and he held me closer. Soon the boys pulled up with my dad's SUV that we had taken to the mall. Harry laid me gently inside and sat next to me.

                         When we got home that Christmas eve night, I decided to go out on the balcony. I looked at all the photo's of Conner and I. A tear started to roll down my cheek, but a hand wiped it away. I looked up to find Harry with his hand on my cheek.

I gave him a huge hug, "You were right Harry. You were right about Conner!"

"Don't talk about him Mavis. You shouldn't waste your time even thinking about him," he hugged back.

"You have always been there for me. Thank you," I said. I pulled away from the hug. We sat there in the snow looking into each others eyes. He ran his fingers threw my hair. I moved closer to him. He slowly put his lips on mine.I had always dreamed and wondered what a kiss from Harry Styles was like, but this was different than what I had expected. It was a warm kiss. His lips were so soft. When he pulled away he held me close.

"I promise, I'll never let anything or anyone hurt you again," he said. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment, but it ended quickly when Niall came out looking for us. 

"Guys! It's Christmas!" he yelled in excitement. Harry and I smiled at each other.

"Merry Christmas Harry," I smiled.

He did too, "Merry Christmas."

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