Live While You're Young

Mavis was a normal girl. Went to high school, was in show choir, had friends, and enemies, and loved One Direction. When she enters a competition to meet them, her life gets flipped upside down. Mavis will have to chose between her love or her friends. Which will she chose?


2. Is it worth it?

                Two weeks passed and I didn't get any information about auditions. Maybe I'm exaggerating. "The boys have millions of applications to go through," I told myself. Every Saturday my friend Shelby and I go shopping, but this Saturday felt different. So we decided to stay at my house and just hang out. We were in the middle of watching our favorite TV show, 'Full House', when my phone went off.

                                                   Unknown Caller

     "Hello?" I questioned the caller.

"Hi, is this, Mavis Lawrence?" a British boy said over the phone.

"Yeah, who is this?"

"This is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction," he spoke. I put my hand over my mouth trying not to scream. I should have known by his voice. "Put it on speaker!" Shelby said quietly.

"I would like to congratulate you. You are one of the many girls we picked to audition. Auditions are next week at your Memorial Hall. The mates and I can't wait to see you."

"Oh my god, thank you Louis!" I excitedly told him.

"No problem love. Now if you can just impress us with your singing voice, you will open for us," he added. I could barely contain my excitement and happiness. "I know, I'm going to do everything I can to be the best singer for you." Shelby and I looked at each other. I couldn't believe how self-centered I sounded.
"Okay," Louis giggle,"Can't wait to see you, have a nice day Mavis!"

"Have a good day Louis!" When we hung up, I looked at Shelby with wide eyes. "This did not just happen," I thought, "Louis, freakin, Tomlinson just called me." Shelby and I jumped up and down screaming.

"Whoa, whats going on in here!" my mom yelled behind us. "Louis Tomlinson just called me! I got in! I'm going to sing for One Direction!" I screamed.

"Congrats honey! I'm so happy for you!" She said, "but can you freak out somewhere else?" Shelby and I laughed, even though on the inside I was dying of happiness.

                             The next day at school, the word got out that I was picked to sing. Not only me, but so did Libby. Libby was the school's mean girl. Ever since I got the part of Cinderella in a play in 6th grade, she's hated my guts.

"I can't believe she actually got in," she told her posse. They all looked exactly the same. Blonde hair, blue eyes. They could be triplets almost. "Did you get a call from Harry Styles?" she asked me.

"No, actually. I got one from Louis," I answered.

"Huh, they say your defiantly going to win if Harry calls you, I guess they just wanted some one to make everyone else feel better about themselves." They started to laugh at me. I couldn't take it, mostly because singing was my dream. I took my backpack and ran out of the school. I tried to cross the street, when suddenly, a car ran right into my side. And I went flying across the street. The next thing I remembered was a boy with curly brown hair running towards me. Then everything went black.


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