Live While You're Young

Mavis was a normal girl. Went to high school, was in show choir, had friends, and enemies, and loved One Direction. When she enters a competition to meet them, her life gets flipped upside down. Mavis will have to chose between her love or her friends. Which will she chose?


7. How much do you love family?

                          That moment was the best I had ever had in a long time. I was having a great time with my old friends, and my new ones. I've never been more happy. Till I got that call.

"Hello?" I answered the phone. It was my mom. She was crying. I could barely understand her. Everyone got concered. But I finally understood what she said. I looked right into Harry's eyes.

"Get the keys now," I said.

"Mavis, what's going on?" he asked.

"Now!" I demanded. Harry and I rushed straight to the hospital. Tears were streaming down my face. "This can't be happening. Please God, please. Keep her okay," I prayed in my head. Harry and I rushed to the front desk.

"Lawrence family?" I frantically asked.

"Mam, you're going to have wait in the waiting room. Miss Lawrence is in surgery," the nurse said.

I bolted down the hallway as fast as I could. Harry tried to stop me, but it wouldn't work. I past the waiting room where my mother and father were waiting.

"Mavis! Get back here!" my mother yelled. But I didn't listen. I took my arm and wiped away my tears. I ran right up to the window keeping me apart from her. I saw her laying there helplessly as doctors tried helping her.

"Lily!" I screamed. My baby sister laid there on the operating table. Blood everywhere. I screamed as loud as I could but it was no use. Harry came up behind me and carried me out to the waiting room. He set me down in a chair and held me close and my family cried with me.

"Shh, Mavis. It's going to be okay," Harry whispered in my ear.

"Who the hell did this to my sister!" I yelled.

"I don't know honey," my dad said,"but we will find him. No one messes with my family and gets away with it!" I pulled on to Harry's shirt as tightly as I could. He ran his fingers through my hair, then I remembered that we had a concert later that night.

"Harry I," I tired to say, but he cut me off.

"We aren't going anywhere," he said.

"But we would disappoint the fans!" I told him.

"This is your family. And you're my life, I'm not going anywhere," he demanded.

"Styles," my dad said in the corner of the room, "You love my daughter?"

"Yes sir," Harry answered.

"How much?"

"I would do anything for her."

My dad came right up to me and Harry. Harry let me go and stood up to meet my dad.

"Harry," dad said sternly," welcome to the family." Dad and Harry shook hands and he gave my mom a hug.

"Styles!" I yelled jokingly making him come back and cuddle with me.

"Sorry baby, I'm back now. And I'll never leave," he whispered. "I love you," I told him. And I meant it. I loved him. And not like a regular fan. "I love you too," he said giving me a kiss.
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