Live While You're Young

Mavis was a normal girl. Went to high school, was in show choir, had friends, and enemies, and loved One Direction. When she enters a competition to meet them, her life gets flipped upside down. Mavis will have to chose between her love or her friends. Which will she chose?


3. Harry Styles ran over me with a car?

                "Mavis!" I heard someone yell. Over and over again. Finally, I started to open my eyes. I focused on the boy in front of me. He had brown curly hair and beautiful green eyes.

"Mavis, are you okay?" he asked me in a deep British accent. I was laying on the ground outside of the school.

"Yeah, I think so. Who are you?" I asked. He smiled at me.

"You must have hit your head pretty hard. I'm Harry Styles."

"From One Direction!" I yelled sitting up, but the pain was rushing to my head, so I laid back down. He giggled and picked me up wedding style. "Harry, what are you doing?" I asked. He looked at me and smiled. "Well I just ran over one of my beautiful contestants," he said," I'm going to take you to the doctor." Harry laid me gently in the front seat of his car. I looked over at all the kids in the door way staring at Harry and I. Even Libby. She was the most shocked of all. Harry was talking to my principal when my head started getting heavy and so did my eye lids. I rested my head on the window. My vision started getting blurry again and I knew right away I was going to pass out again. I started to close my eyes when I heard Harry. "Crap, not again," he yelled running back to the car,"Mavis! Stay awake!" He tried shaking me but it only made me more tired. I felt the car drive off but before we could get to the hospital, I had passed out again.

                           When I woke up the second time, I was in the hospital. "Weird, I could have sworn I saw Harry," I mumbled, but then I saw him standing next to the window, "Styles!" He smiled at me and sat next to my bedside.

"Glad to see you're awake," he said," you've been asleep for a while now. Your family is down stairs." I couldn't believe that the real Harry Edward Styles was in my hospital room.

"So, how did I get here?" I asked. Harry went from a smile to a frown.

"I didn't see you crossing the street and I accidentally ran in to you with my car," he confessed, "I am so sorry, Mavis." He looked so upset. He wasn't even looking at me. I was scared, but I put my hand on his. He looked up at me. His green eyes were almost hypnotizing. I've seen them a million times on posters, twitter, and Facebook, but in person, wow.

"Harry," I started to explain," It's not your fault. I ran out because I was upset. It was a stupid mistake. And you blaming yourself hurts me so much. Please don't." Harry started to get a smile, so I did too. He locked his fingers with mine. The moment ended right as my family walked in.

"Oh! My baby's okay!" my mother yelled. She ran up to me and hugged me. I let out a small whimper of pain. Harry noticed and started looking concered. "Just calm down," I mentally said to him. My dad didn't even look upset. If he knew who ran over his daughter, he would be furious. I'm suprised he hasn't yelled at Harry yet. Unless, Harry didn't tell him. I don't blame him. My dad is a pretty scary looking guy for a cop.

                               Later that night Harry went and got us take out. He was different than I thought he was, but in a good way. He was so funny and sweet.

"So, you never told me how you knew my name," I said.

"Oh, well, you looked exactly like your picture from your audition application," he explained, "By the way, I'm really excited to hear your audition next week. If you will be ready."

"Heck yeah I'm going to be ready, I wouldn't miss it for the world!" I let out a small yawn and so did Harry.

"You better get some rest, you get released tomorrow," Harry said taking our food and putting it away. I really didn't want him to leave. My dad left to work the night shift, and mom had to go home to take care of Lily.

"Harry, do you have to go?" I asked. He looked up at me with that hypnotizing look again. He got a blanket from the closet and laid on the cot next to the window.

"Sure, if it will keep you company," he smiled. I smiled back and closed my eyes. I couldn't believe all that happened that day. After thinking of meeting the man of my dreams, I fell into a deep sleep.

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