Live While You're Young

Mavis was a normal girl. Went to high school, was in show choir, had friends, and enemies, and loved One Direction. When she enters a competition to meet them, her life gets flipped upside down. Mavis will have to chose between her love or her friends. Which will she chose?


4. Can dreams come true?

                            A week went by so fast. Harry and I had talked about auditions but I never actually sang for him. When the time of auditions came up, I was really nervous. I was walking around outside Memorial Hall when I ran into Conner.

"Mavis! Are you okay?" he asked. I was surprised how concerned he was.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Nothing can keep me down," I joked.

He cracked a smile, " Good to know. You know, I wish we could talk more. Maybe after this audition we could hang out or something?" My heart started beating faster. Conner is the most popular guys in school! Everyone believed that he would go with Libby.

"Sure, I'd love to," I replied. We talked for a little bit till Harry came and got me to audition.

"Who was that?" He asked talking about Conner. "He is just a friend," I blushed. I didn't want to tell Harry that Conner asked me out. Not yet anyways.

                               Contestants lined up one by one at the door. If you were really quiet, you could hear someone singing. I'm not going to lie, they sounded really good. Before I knew it, I was next in line. I stood there with my eyes shut. Listening to the girl on the other side of the door. That girl was Libby. As much as I hate to admit it, she was amazing. I was about to turn and leave, when I heard Harry say 'next'. I slowly opened the door, walked in, and shut the door. Looking back at all the girls auditioning. I turned around and saw them. One Direction. The boys who's song hit number one on iTunes. The boy's who's posters are plastered all over my walls. And I was right in front of them.

"Hello Mavis," Harry said with that cheeky smile of his.

I smiled back, "Hey Harry."

"Mavis? That's a pretty name," Liam said smiling. I started blushing. This was like a dream come true.

"Would you guys stop flirting with her and let her sing?" Louis joked, "Okay Mavis, when your ready." I nodded my head and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes, my body already started the song. I sang 'Safe and Sound' by Taylor Swift. During the song Harry's face lit up. The boys would whisper things, nod their heads, and smile the whole time. When I finished, they each wrote something down. They all looked at Harry. My heart was pounding like a drum. "This is it. I just sang for One Direction. This is it."

"Mavis," Harry said, "The boys and I thought this over, and I don't think we need to hear any more auditions." I gave him a weird look.

"I don't understand," I admitted.

"We want you, to open for us this tour. Is that okay?" Zayn asked. My blood was rushing fast. I didn't know what to think. I probably looked like an idiot with my mouth wide open.

"Yes! Of course its fine! I'm going to open for One Direction!" I screamed. The boys smiled and laughed. Harry got up and came up to me.

"Congrats, Mav," he said.

"Harry, did you have anything to do with me winning?" I joked.

"No! You didn't need help," he smiled.

"Thanks," I said, "I guess dreams really can come true."

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