Three Guys from Birgmingham

Well, long story, me and my two friends made this up in Weatherspoons in Birmingham when our sisters were going to the X-factor tour! Hope you like it! This was written on my ipod and it was originally a film! :D


1. Opening scene

   The three men emerged from the grotty subway like heroes, walking slowly and powerfully. Smoke from their smoke machine was billowing out and they all had a distant look in their eyes. It was either they were very serious and on a mission, our needed to be in underwear two sizes bigger.

   The guy in the middle was carrying a leather suitcase with strange, foreign letters carved on one side, the suitcame seemed heavy and was weighing him down. The one on the left was carrying the smoke machine and coughing frantically. All of a sudden, the man with the suitcase fell over and rolled around in pain, the man on the right laughed so hard at the man on the floor he too fell. The only one standing was the man with the smoke machine, all of a sudden he doubled over and started coughing, soon he too was on the floor.

   That's how we meet our hereos (well, main characters at least.) Their names are Frank (with the suitcase,) Jeff (with the smoke machine) and Chuck, the laughing one.

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