Just call me angel

Amelia has lived a life as a fine and beautiful young lady, she attends balls and acts the way she should, or else. No-one really knows about her father or how he beats her to near death for reasons that escape her knowledge. Her life feels empty, until one night a dark stranger appears and ignites a passion Amelia never even knew she was capable of. Will she break the mental chains her father has imprisoned her with, or will she forever be locked away, in a world where angels exist only on stories.


3. Let's dance

The glow from the lights barley touched me, here in the farthest corner of the ball room. I found myself here often now, at balls I mean. I think my father wants to marry me off, good luck with that. I would take no man as my husband, men scared me and the chances that I would trust a single one, though more than a week ago, is still quite slim. At that thought my mind was filled with the memory of the sweetest kiss, of the memory of the lips of a god.

"May I have this dance? My little one." A masculine voice broke me out of  my daydream, turning around I came face to face with entrancing blue eyes. My lips parted and the man before me smirked. "Didn't I tell you I would see you again little one?" He whispered flirtaciously, his hand taking mine as he drew me out onto the dance floor.

"Yes you did, and it would seem you keep your promises, sir." I said back, having no idea where this daring part of me was comming from. He chuckled deeply and put his hand on my waist as he began to move along with the music.

"Come little angel, let's dance." his words were to be my defeat.

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