Just call me angel

Amelia has lived a life as a fine and beautiful young lady, she attends balls and acts the way she should, or else. No-one really knows about her father or how he beats her to near death for reasons that escape her knowledge. Her life feels empty, until one night a dark stranger appears and ignites a passion Amelia never even knew she was capable of. Will she break the mental chains her father has imprisoned her with, or will she forever be locked away, in a world where angels exist only on stories.


1. Dark stranger

I smiled at the gentleman speaking with me, I knew not what he was saying or who he really was but I knew I had to smile and act like normal. I would not be able to bear the pain if my father were to think I was being rude or disagreeable. I can still feel the scar on my back, it threatens to re-open as I ever so slightly move my shoulder. The gentleman does not notice as I flinch from the pain. When I am finished speaking with the gentleman I make my way to the far side of the ball room, I so hated these social things but what else was I to do except obey father. My life depended on my obedience, it has always been like that. I don't know any other way, I am trapped in a black world of pain. I was almost to the safety of the wall when someone knocked into me, I felt the scar on my back re-open and I fell to the floor in pain. People glanced at me in worry but I simply got up, I felt the cold of my bloody trickle down my back, I knew it would stain my white ball gown so I ran outside. I had no idea if any one had yet seen the blood that was surly staining my dress. When outside I hurried to the dark shadow of the bushes, my heart racing with fear and pain. My head began to hurt and I sat down in the darkness that, for the moment, was my only protection. I am about to run back to my estate when a dark figure appears in the doorway, I push further back into the darkness, fearing being caught out here. My breathing becomes shallow and I cannot slow it down, my heart beat faster and faster. The strangers eyes roamed around until they settled on me, I was sure he couldn't see me, he didn't know I was there. Still I feared what would happen if this dark stranger found me out here hiding in the darkness. As I watched the stranger I saw that he was tall, the light coming from the ball room was enough for me to see that he was handsome, beautiful really. I allowed myself to wonder what it would feel like to be wrapped in his arms, his lips caressing mine. It was moments later that the stranger disappeared  yet he did not disappear from my thoughts. Not for the rest of the night, I made my way home in the barley lit streets, the memory of my dark stranger possessing my mind. 

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