Locked up

I sat on my window seat as the people walk by oblivious. I have been kidnapped and I have been here for about two or three years now. I can't get out because the windows have bars over and so do the doors. I can only get out is he lets me out.


1. Just another day...

I lay on my bed staring up into the ceiling, wondering what is happening in the outside world today. I imagine what it would be like at my home. Markets selling bright fruit and colourful vegetables. The postman whistling as he goes with a smile plastered onto his face. The bell on the grocery shop door ringing every few seconds. The smell of bacon flying through the village. Little children running around playing 'Tag' in the streets laughing and giggling.

I get disturbed by a bang and a crash. Then I hear a manly voice telling someone to let him go. I ran to the door and looked through the narrow window. I can see a brown haired boy being forced into the cell next door to me. I place a hand on the hard steel door. I wonder if I will ever get out of here. Hopefully I can go and see my family before long. All I can do is hope. I'm just a weak girl who can't do anything amazing.

I took a few steps away from the door. I observed my room. The bright light streamed through the window causing me to turn away. I went into another room, one I haven seen before. I opened the door to reveal a shower room. I stood looking around. I didnt know this was here.
I began to look at myself in the mirror. I examined myself pointing out my faults.
Horrible hair
Horrible eyes
Horrible nose
Horrible mouth
Everything, horrible

I slid off my clothes and placed them on the other side of the room. I stepped into the shower and pressed the little shiny silver button. A beep went off. I stood still wondering what was going to happen. A man in tight clothes was pushed through the door by two men dressed in armor. I rushed to cover myself up. Nothing was around. I used my clothes as a towel.
"What are you doing, go away" I shouted at the man not knowing what to say. He looked like the man who had been taken to the room next to me this morning.
"The guards pulled me out of my room and pushed me into yours, I'm sorry I had no choice" I looked sorry and concerned for what they made him do. I stared at the ground tracing the ridges in the stone floor with my toe. I just snorted at him.
"My name is Greg" He smiled at me pushing a hand towards me expecting me to shake it.
"My name is Charlotte" I shook his hand but as a result my 'towel' fell down again. I blushed before picking it up and wrapping it around me again. He started for the door. He walk out the door and closed it behind him. After a lot of shouting, I saw him reappear as he got pushed back in.
"They said I had to do stuff to you" I raised an eyebrow at his remark as I backed away into a wall. I panicked as I realised I couldn't do any further.
He ran over to me apologising but I would never after this. He had sadness in his eyes. In this place they treated me like I was a prostitute. I wasn't though. I was just plain old Charlotte from Manchester!

It was going to be a long night
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