Double Take

Lana is a 17 year old high school graduate. As her college plans to study abroad are put into motion, Lana sets for England where she meets English heartthrob Harry Styles as she stays with his family for the 10 months of studying at Manchester University. While she is there she falls madly in love with his charm, good looks & lush curls. But along the line of happiness & love, Harry's bad boy twin brother Edward comes back to live with his mum after being with his dad almost all his life. Lana meets Edward and falls in love with his mysterious persona. Will she break the boys apart? Who will Lana choose? The good-boy Harry, or the bad-boy Edward?


2. Welcome To London

I sat in the car, staring at Harry. His chisled jaw line, perfect curly hair and beautiful green eyes, it was hard to look away. "So Lana, you excitedto start at Machester University?" Harry asked me. Suddenly I was brought back to life and I looked into Harry's eyes as he stared at me. "Yeah, It's been a dream to come to England." I said softly. Harry chuckled, his deep raspy voice was so precious. Harry looked at my locket. "Nice locket babe." Harry said. I smiled at him and looked down at my locket. My best friend gave it to me for my birthday. "Thanks darling. My best friend gave it to me for my birthday." I said. Harry smiled. "It's beautiful, like you." Harry said. I felt my cheeks get red, and I smiled like a idiot. "Thank you Harry." I said as I smiled. Harry smiled widely. "I'm excited for the next 10 months, I'm also attending Manchester University in the fall." Harry said. I smiled. "What grade are you in." I asked. Harry chuckled. "First year." he said. I smiled. We pulled into his driveway and I got out the car. Outside was his mom and sister. "Hello, you must be Lana." Anne said with open arms. I hugged her and she escorted me in. They had a beautiful home. I was in shock.


"We are so excited to be having you here!" Gemma said. I smiled. "Harry's been talking about it since we got the letter." Anne said. Harry blushed and so did I. "Muuuum!" Harry said shoving his mom playfully. "You promised you wouldn't say anything." Harry said shyly. I blushed in excitment. "Are you tired?" Gemma asked me. I nodded shyly. "Yeah, it was a long flight." I said. "Follow me!" Harry said as he jumped up. "Okay." I smiled. I got up and followed Harry to his room. I walked in and saw two full sized beds and two dressers. "Do you have a brother?" I asked. Harry stopped walking and turned around. "No, we prepared for you're arrival." Harry said shyly. "This is our room for the next 10 months, I hope you don't mind." Harry said. I shook my head. "Of course not." I said. "Okay." Harry said as he smiled at me.


I layed down on the bed and suddenly fell asleep. At around 8 p.m  I heard the door open.  I opened my eyes and there  stood Harry, SHIRTLESS. I got up fast as I felt my cheeks go red. "Did I startle you?" Harry said. I shook my head. "No, I just heard the door thats all." I said. Harry smiled. He put on a shirt and sat on his bed. "Mum made pasta, are you hungry?" Harry asekd. I smiled. "Starving." I said. Harry smiled. "Follow me." He said. I follwed him down to the dinner table and sat down. "Hello Lana." Anne said. I smiled "Hello Anne." I said softly. "Did you sleep okay?" Gemma asked.I nodded. We all ate our pasta and then I went to go for a walk. After I came back from my walk I walked into the room and heard Harry singing. His voice sounds like a angels. I opened the door and coughed, Harry looked up from his guitar. "Did I startle you?" I said. Harry shook his head. I walked inside and sat on the bed smiling at Harry. Suddenly Harry walked over to my bed and pushed back my hair. "Lana. I'm really looking forward to the next 10 months" Harry said. I blushed and smiled widely. Suddenly Harry pressed his lips against mine and we were deep into a kiss. "So am I." I said softly.

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