Double Take

Lana is a 17 year old high school graduate. As her college plans to study abroad are put into motion, Lana sets for England where she meets English heartthrob Harry Styles as she stays with his family for the 10 months of studying at Manchester University. While she is there she falls madly in love with his charm, good looks & lush curls. But along the line of happiness & love, Harry's bad boy twin brother Edward comes back to live with his mum after being with his dad almost all his life. Lana meets Edward and falls in love with his mysterious persona. Will she break the boys apart? Who will Lana choose? The good-boy Harry, or the bad-boy Edward?


5. Edward Styles.

I walked downstairs holding Harry's hand. As we walked into the living room, Harry clenched my hand. "Calm down babe." I said in his ear. Harry sighed and nodded. "Harry!" Anne said. Edward turned around. It was like looking in the mirror, except Edward had piercings and tattoos and Harry didn't have much of those, just a star tattoo on the inner part of his arm. "Edward." Harry said dryly. Edward gave him the 'Sup Nod.' "Whose this pretty little thing." Edward said. They even sound the same, this was insane. "I'm-" I began but Harry interrupted me. "This is Lana, my girlfriend." He said. I looked at him and so did Anne. "Harry she just got here, Edward this is Lana, she's study abroad and attending Manchester University." Anne said. Harry chuckled, "Doesn't mean I can't fall for her." Harry said. "I see why, she's fit." Edward said, he winked at me. I blushed. No Lana, Edward is Harry's brother and you like Harry. But something about Edward was just different. "Well, what are you doing here Eddy?" Harry asked angrily. Anne shoved him lightly. "Dad kicked me out...told me to come stay with mum." He said. "Yeah, maybe if you stopped drinking and smoking pot he'd let you stay." Harry said dryly. Edward held his chest, pretending he just got shot. "Ooh Haz, you're words hurt." Edward said sarcastically. Harry donned a fake smile. "Well, Lana took you're bed and dresser, guess you'll be sleeping on the good ol' couch." He said. Edward nodded. "I have no problem with that. But you know, Lana and I could always share." Edward said as he winked at me. I laughed. "I don't think she likes douche bags." Harry said. Edward smirked. "Then why is she with you." he said. Harry laughed sarcastically. I could feel an argument coming on. 


After getting Edward settled into the guest room, he walked back out to the living room and plopped down on the couch. "Haz, how's life?" Edward said. "Fantastic, until you got here." Harry said. I laughed again. "Lana, where are you from." Edward asked. "California." I said shyly. "No need to be shy babe, I'm just like Harry." Edward said, winking my direction. Harry groaned in disgust. "We are nothing alike Eddy." Harry said. Edward laughed. "You're still in denial?" Edward said. Harry shook his head. "It's not denial, it's fact. We are nothing alike. Sometimes I wonder how we're related." Harry said with disgust. "Well you see, after Mum and Dad fornicated, that one sperm split her eggs in two, thus creating you, and myself-"Edward began. Harry got up grabbing my hand and lifting me up. "Ugh, save it." He said. We walked out the living room and out to the porch. Edward followed us. Harry sighed. "Edward, I have no interest in being around you, why do you think I moved?" Harry said. "Oh Harry, stop acting like that, it's been 16 years being split apart, I missed you." Edward said sarcastically. Edward was really sarcastic, it was noticeable. "Lana, do you smoke?" Edward said as he took out a pack of cigarettes. I shook my head. "No." I said. Edward put a cigarette in his mouth and his eyes went wide, "You're lying." he said. I shook my head again. "You wanna try?" He extending the cigarette box out to me. I froze. "Edward, you're not going to corrupt my girlfriend, she's pure, she doesn't need you intoxicating her life." Harry said. Edward glared at Harry. "Whatever, I'm going on a walk." Edward said. "Nobody's stopping you." Harry said. Edward sucked his teeth. "Lana, if you ever want a good time, you know where to find me." Edward said as he winked and walked away. I laughed. What a self-centered douche bag. 

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