Double Take

Lana is a 17 year old high school graduate. As her college plans to study abroad are put into motion, Lana sets for England where she meets English heartthrob Harry Styles as she stays with his family for the 10 months of studying at Manchester University. While she is there she falls madly in love with his charm, good looks & lush curls. But along the line of happiness & love, Harry's bad boy twin brother Edward comes back to live with his mum after being with his dad almost all his life. Lana meets Edward and falls in love with his mysterious persona. Will she break the boys apart? Who will Lana choose? The good-boy Harry, or the bad-boy Edward?


7. Burning.

I woke up the next morning after falling asleep in Harry's arm to calm him down after a rough fight with Edward. I squirmed around in his arms for a few minutes before leaving the room and being greeted by seeing Edward. "Lana can we talk?" Edward asked. I hesitated. "About?" I asked. Edward rubbed the back of his neck. "Us." He said. I inhaled sharply. "What about us?" I said. Edward hesistated and so did I. I was afraid of what he was about to say. "Lana...I..I can't stop thinking about you. Ever since our kiss." Edward said. I sighed. "Edward...That kiss meant was a simple kiss..." I said. I could see Edwards heart break. But I couldn't hurt Harry..."Lana...I." Edward choked. I looked at him. Edward teared up, I could feel my heart in my throat. I felt really bad that I hurt Edward, but I was falling for Harry and I couldn't hurt him by leaving him for his brother. I walked downstairs and saw a note on the fridge it was from Anne.

Harry, Edward, Lana,

I went out with Gemma to shop for some school clothes, Lana there is some money on the counter for you to go with Harry and Edward school shopping. Have fun xx


I walked over to the counter and picked up the money and stared at the note. With Harry and Edward...I sighed deeply. I walked upstairs and put the note on the bathroom door. I walked back downstairs and started eating breakfast. Harry and Edward walked downstairs holding the note. I looked at the both of them innocently. "Good morning" I said . Harry looked at me and Edward smirked. Harry smirkd and kissed my forehead. I smiled and Edward gagged. Tension was high between the three of us. I got up, washed my dish and went to change. When I came back downstairs, I heard Edward and Harry bickering again.

"Edward she is my girlfriend. Stop trying to get with her." Harry yelled. Oh goodness, they're bickering about me. "I don't give two shits if shes with you. We all know she'll leave you for me." Edward said. What the- I wanted to walk into the kitchen to break up the fighting but I felt like it would only get worse.

"You need to leave!" Harry said. He was angry and I could hear the anger in his voice. Edward moved closer to Harry, "I'm not going anywhere, and there is nothing you can do about it." Edward said. Edward walked out of the kitchen and saw me. "Hey Lana." He said loudly. I didn't say anything. I just walked into the kitchen. Harry sat at the counter. I walked over to him. "Harry are you okay?" I asked. Harry stood quiet. "I'm not going anywhere babe." I said. Harry wrapped his arms around me, I felt him begin to sob. "Shh, baby everything will be okay. I promise." I said. I ran my hand through his curls and kissed his forhead. I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room where I saw Edward. He smirked at me. I groaned in disgust. "Let's get something straight, YOU kissed ME!" I said angrily. Edward stood up. "You didn't stop me." He said with a smirk. I scoffed. "You didn't let me!" I protested. "There's no excuse, you kissed me back." Edward said before looking up at Harry. I stared at Edward. "Have fun explaining that to Harry." Edward said before walking away. I turned and saw Harry, he was crying. He looked so heartbroken. "Lana..please tell me he's lying." Harry said softly. I shook my head. "No Harry...he's not lying..." I said before bowing my head.

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