Double Take

Lana is a 17 year old high school graduate. As her college plans to study abroad are put into motion, Lana sets for England where she meets English heartthrob Harry Styles as she stays with his family for the 10 months of studying at Manchester University. While she is there she falls madly in love with his charm, good looks & lush curls. But along the line of happiness & love, Harry's bad boy twin brother Edward comes back to live with his mum after being with his dad almost all his life. Lana meets Edward and falls in love with his mysterious persona. Will she break the boys apart? Who will Lana choose? The good-boy Harry, or the bad-boy Edward?


6. Brother Dearest

I sat in the kitchen studying a map of London while Harry went out to run an errand for Anne. "Lana." Edward said as we walked into the kitchen. I sighed. I saw the drama between Harry and Edward, and how deep it gets when they get at it. "Hey Edward." I said. He sat on the bar stool next to me. "How are you beautiful." Edward asked.  I nodded. "I'm good." I replied. Edward laughed. "You look so shy, why?" Edward asked. I shurgged. "I'm just a shy person." I said. Edward chuckled. He got up and walked to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water and sat nex to me, this time turning me to face him. "Lana, I've been thinking about you since I got here. There's just ONE thing I need to do." Edward said. Before I could even ask what, Edward crashed his lips against mine. I felt the connect and force between me and him. I could feel the warmth and strength and power. It was crazy. I kissed Edward back. Edward slowly pulled away and looked me in the eyes. His eyes had a little more blue in them, but they were gorgeous. Like the rest of him. I shook my head, "No, Edward this is wrong....I'm with Harry.." I said. Edward looked at me and brushed my hair back. He looked at me for a brief seconds, and whispered in my ear, "You need danger." I stared at Edward before he left the room. What just happened. Harry entered the house a couple minutes later. He walked into the kitchen, setting some groceries down on the counter. I smiled at him as he kissed my forehead. "Anything interesting happen today?" Harry asked. I shook my head. "Nothing really. Just studying my map and school schedual. School packages came in the mail today." I said. I handed Harry his package. Harry smiled and walked into the living room.


"Dammit Edward!" Harry said loudly. I crept out of my room and into the hallway to see to two twin brothers bickering and going at it yet again. "What?" Edward said innocently. Harry had an estranged look in his eye, anger mostly, but the look of frustration. "You've only been here for a damn day Edward, and already you are starting to test my patients!" Harry yelled out. Edward smirked at him. "What have I done to you, to make you hate me this much." Edward said. Harry eyes went wide and his fist clentched. "What have you done, lets see, you stole money, hard earned money from our mother to buy alcohol and drugs!" Harry screamed out. "You got into countless fights with myself and Gemma, and you are just a screw up!" he continued to yell out. "Harry, you know you don't mean that." Edward said coldly. Harry nodded. "Oh I mean that, seems like you were so bad not even dad can handle you. Just stay away from me and we won't have problems." Harry said as he turned to walk to his room. He noticed me standing there. I looked at him. "Lana..." Harry said. "It's okay.." I said. I walked into the room as Harry followed, he sat on my bed and sighed deeply. "It's okay babe. Trust me it's okay." I said. I rubbed his back as his head dropped into his hands. "He just gets me so upset..." Harry said.

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