First Kisses

How can one person remember everything, and another remember nothing?


3. Torture.


The following day still remains as one of Charlie’s worst. After his morning encounter with Charlotte, everything went downhill. He was sat in a maths lesson last period when the worst hit; squinting at the board, struggling to make sense of the equations on offer for the day’s work.  “Thank god you’re here babe!” someone shouted as Charlotte walked in late, looking as if she had no idea where she was. “Babe!” the voice called again. Charlie scowled and prayed against the inevitable result, swearing under his breath as she defied his silent wishes and turned to face the addresser.

The boy who had been calling out was called Dave. He was a rugby player for not only the school team, but the local squad as well. The boy had the kind of blue eyes that would make a girl look twice if he walked past. “How’re you feeling?” he asked a confused Charlotte, walking up to her and obtaining a slightly too firm grip on her shoulder. She looked up to him and stuttered something quietly. “Why, it’s me babe! Don’t you recognise your own boyfriend?” he laughed, beckoning to one of the boys sat behind him. The boy promptly stood up and walked to stand beside his friend; “Get a room you two!” he laughed rather falsely, clapping a hand on Dave’s shoulder and placing a seed of doubt in Charlotte’s already bewildered mind.

Charlie glared at Dave with a hatred so pure it could’ve been chosen by god to bear a child. He watched with baited breath as Charlotte was guided to the back of the class and placed in the seat next to Dave. He listened carefully as Dave proceeded to make his advances;

“So you’re telling me we are going out?”
“Yeah, it’s been a few months now. We have this silly routine every day were I remind you, but I couldn’t make it this morning...”  
“Oh... Are you sure we’re going out?”
“Yeah! We’ve kissed and everything!”
“Liar...” Charlie muttered under his breath. Why did guys like Dave think they could do things like this?
“Oh... Well... Okay then...” Charlotte replied quietly, “You must’ve been the reason I wore my hair like this today then.” There was a silent pause.
“Yeah! I love it when you wear your hair up!” Dave replied jokily, moving his chair closer.
“I meant about it being curly...”
“Oh... Yeah that too!”

Charlie stood up. He wasn’t going to let this happen this time. He walked over to Charlotte and asked if he could speak to her. Dave immediately sensed danger and stood up too. He was a couple of inches shorter than Charlie, but the both knew he was twice as strong. “What do you need to talk to her about?” he snarled, walking over to stand face to face with Charlie.
“Just about some art work.” Charlie replied, trying and failing to sound calm and confident.
“Well then talk about it here.” Dave replied through gritted teeth. Charlotte frowned and stood as well. “Don’t worry Dave. This is my friend Charlie, he knows about my condition.” She muttered quietly, pulling on his sleeve and trying to get him to sit back down. “I don’t care who he is. He can say what he has to say right here.” Charlie looked at Charlotte silently before turning back to face Dave. “Actually, I just wanted to tell her that she isn’t going out with you, or anyone else. And that if he so much as touches a hair on your head, I will kill him.” He declared. Dave laughed briefly and sarcasticly before bending down and kissing Charlotte before she could register what was just said.

The next thing Charlie remembered was waking up in the school office with a black-eye and bruised knuckles.

First Kiss; ruined by some idiot with blue eyes.

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