First Kisses

How can one person remember everything, and another remember nothing?


1. The first first kiss.

It was raining for the first time in weeks. The clouds had been collecting in the sky all day, as if they were just waiting for the perfect moment. Alone a school car park, a boy was balanced precariously on the wall that circled said car park. The toes of his black school shoes were soaked from his trek through the grass to his safe, wall-top shelter. He stood up and walked over to the nearby tree, swinging a heavy school bag over his shoulder. 

"Did you wait out here all afternoon?" a girls voice sounded behind him. He turned around and wiped his fringe out of his face before squinting through the rain; there she was. Stood in the grass opposite the wall he was balancing on. She was very short, the long un-trimmed grass reached the top of her muddy green wellies as she stood huddled under a bright yellow umbrella. "Well, I had a free last lesson so I thought I would stay and study..." he replied, walking back and forth along the wall as she followed him with her piercing green gaze. "Oh really? Then how come there was no-one in the study room when I went back halfway through rehearsal?" she inquired as he jumped down and leaned on the wall in front of the girl "And how are you so soaking if you haven't been here for more than 5 minutes?" she continued as he shook his head and sent a spray of water flying in all directions. "Okay, so maybe I'm waiting for a lift! Give us the umbrella!" he laughed, bending down underneath her sunshine yellow umbrella and plucking it from her grasp.

The scene that pursued could be compared to a playful wrestling match between two puppies in a Disney film; one would take the umbrella, run away a little distance before the other caught up and proceed to steal it from the opponent and repeat. After his friend was as soaked as he was, he relinquished her umbrella and gave her a hug. Her usually silky brown hair was curling up, and the frizz that protruded from the top of her scalp tickled his neck slightly. "You have curly hair?" he asked after releasing her and hopping back onto the wall with ease. "Oh yeah, I normally straighten it though... People seem to like it straight..." she replied, wiping a stray strand of hair backwards as she put the umbrella on the wall and attempted to join her friend. "Need a hand?" he snorted as she struggled to lift herself up. She gave him a look that could easily cut through diamond. "Fine then, as you were!" he announced as she stood on toe trying to reach. 

"I like your hair curly..." he commented as he slipped off the wall and picked her up. She reluctantly accepted his help and managed to clamber up onto the wall. "I'll try and remember that!" she giggled, raising a hand to his face as he sat next to her and pinching his ice cold cheek. 

He leant over and kissed her; "Try and remember that too okay?"

The first first kiss.

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