First Kisses

How can one person remember everything, and another remember nothing?


4. Reward.


Charlotte walked into the tutor room the next day in silence. Something didn’t feel right. She looked around and wondered where to sit. “Ah, Miss Elms!” the teacher called to her as she moved out of the way of some other students “Yes?” she asked in reply as the plump, middle-aged woman waddled up to her with a stack of paper in her podgy hands. “I don’t know if you remember, but there was a fight during your maths class yesterday. And if you do remember, I’m going to need you to fill in some forms about the incident,” Charlotte responded with a blank gaze. “I didn’t think so... Oh well, just sign here then dear...” the teacher sighed, holding out the top form and pointing to a small red cross at the bottom of the page.

5 minutes later, the whole tutor room was bustling with students and buzzing with school gossip. It wasn’t until the classroom door opened with a ‘click’ that the whole class became silent at once. “Ouch...” someone muttered as a pair of crutches pushed the door shut. All eyes in the room followed the figure as he fumbled his way over to the teacher’s desk, handed her a note, and then sat down at his own desk in silence. “Hi...” he muttered to Charlotte as she sat beside him with her usual distance;
“Hello Charlie...” she replied. Charlie froze and looked at her “How’re you?” she asked quietly as he tried to summon some words to his surprisingly dry mouth. “I’m good thank you... How’re you?” he manages to reply as she scratched her nose in concentration.

This semi-awkward conversation went on for about 5 minutes. Charlie was feeling completely euphoric until Charlotte said; “I’m sorry, I know this conversation has been great and fun, but I can’t remember how I remember you...” and dropped a bombshell onto his day. Charlie indicated to his crutches with his head; “I broke my leg yesterday. Ask me how.” Charlotte looked at him with curiosity in her eyes. “How?” She inquired, passing him his crutches as the bell rang.
“I was in a fight, got pushed over and twisted my knee.”
“What were you fighting over?” She asked him, with a inkling that she knew the answer;

At this moment, Charlie wasn’t sure what to do. Charlotte was looking at him with complete sympathy. “I think I remember...” she announced after a couple of minutes silence as the classroom emptied.
“Really?” Charlie asked, standing up next to her and sliding his hands into his crutches as he helped him. “Yeah... Thanks Charlie.”

Charlotte then stood on toe and gently kissed him on the cheek.

Second Kiss; Nearly.

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