First Kisses

How can one person remember everything, and another remember nothing?


5. Bliss.


As Charlie ventured out of school, he was stopped by a sound which warmed up his whole body; “Hey Charlie! Wait for me!” He turned around and was literally knocked off his crutches as Charlotte flung her arms around him.

“Oh shit I’m sorry!” she spluttered, handing him his crutches and offering him a hand up. “Are you okay?” she asked him as he stood next to her and winced “Will a hug make it better?” she asked, spreading her arms as wide as she could and pouting like a sad puppy. “Oh I don’t know... Hurts pretty bad...” Charlie replied, rubbing his neck and standing his ground. Charlotte stood staring at him, trying to look as cute as she could without being dressed in a onsie. “You know what would make it better?” He prompted, limping up to her and kissing her forehead. “Um...” Charlotte replied, her pale skin turning a light pink as she blushed. “That’s right.” He chuckled, hugging her tightly; “I want a chocolate cake with fudge icing please.”

When they arrived at Charlotte’s house, her father opened the door and grinned at them both like he was witnessing the birth of child. “Good Afternoon Charlie! How’re you doing today sweetheart?” Charlie stared for a second before remembering that Charlotte’s name could be shortened to Charlie too. “I’m fine thanks Mike, I brought a friend home to do some coursework. Is that okay?” she asked in reply as he allowed them through the door. Charlie nodded at Mike slowly. Mike new very well who he was and how he felt about Charlotte. Every birthday, Christmas and the odd good day Charlotte had, he would come to the house and be her friend for the day.

As he sat in the crystal clean kitchen, Charlie began watching Charlotte seemingly dance around picking up ingredients and throwing them into a bowl. He knew the outcome would be disgusting. But it was worth it to see her so happy for once.

Surely enough, 20 minutes later, a black lump was withdrawn from the oven and plastered crudely with tinned buttercream icing. Charlie stared at the plate before taking a mouthful, ignoring the taste completely and focusing on Charlotte’s face. “How is it?” she asked him hesitantly.
“It’s different...” he replied, swallowing the mouthful and smiling weakly. She frowned and took a mouthful before choking and running to the sink to spit it out. As she turned, she found herself in Charlie’s arms. Kissing him without a single bad taste.

Second Kiss; Burnt, ugly, and with way too much flour.

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