Saint Whitley's Academy

*This came from a dream so it's a little scattered right now. Please bare with me <3
Jael has lived her life with a handful of things that were precious to her, one of them being her mother. But when Charles Benson comes into their lives, things change. He's rich and powerful and after a short time, marries Jael's mother, Andrea. When the idea of sending Jael to boarding school is brought to the table, Andrea cannot do anything but accept fearing that she and Jael will be back on the street.

The boarding school is just like any other, huge and terrifying. Will Jael be accepted? Or will the eat her alive? She doesn't know. All that she's been told is that Halloween is the biggest holiday because it's the only one that the whole school celebrates together. Her new roommate, Angela tells her how the school goes on complete lockdown - it's like a giant horror house with holograms of ghosts and other disturbing sights. But what if they aren't all holograms? What if some of them...are real?


3. Not Technically Roommates


            “Your dad seems pretty cool,” Angela said making conversation.

            I shook my head. “He’s not… my dad. He’s my stepdad and he’s not that bad.”

            She nodded. “You can never tell around here. You’d think that parents would hug and kiss their kids behind but most of them don’t even come inside.”

            That sucks for other kids but I didn’t want to give Charles credit for walking me inside. I was pretty sure he only did to make sure I was inside and didn’t somehow escape back to my mother.

            Angela pushed through two long doors and I followed behind. On either side of the walls were dark, wooden doors. The walls were painted forest green which I found odd considering there was no other light than the small sconce, shell shaped lights hanging on the walls between each door.

            “We’re not technically roommates,” she told me. “We’re more like… bathroom mates.”

            She opens a door and walks in. Everything is pink and animal print with random fuzzy things around the room. Posters of half-naked boys hung from the walls and a guitar laid on the bed.

            “You play guitar?”

            Smiling, Angela twirled around the area rug. “I’m an aspiring singer slash songwriter.”

            “Very cool,” I said. I haven’t found my niche yet but I was hoping that being on my own would give me an idea of something I would want to do.

            “Now, I’ll show you your room.”

            I followed her into the bathroom which was probably bigger than her room. There were two sinks, a small cubed shower, and a huge bear claw tube that could have fit three or four people. I was looking forward to using that at a later time.

            It was a huge moment for me when Angela opened the door to the room I would be staying in. I was expecting it to be completely bare, no sheets, nothing. That’s why when I found a completely furnished an decorated room, I almost fell to the ground. It looked like my room at home. Obviously, Charles somehow had my stuff sent over or got everything duplicated. At that point, I didn’t care about his intentions. He could have done it to make me feel at home or just to get my crap out of his house but I was happy.

            Angela seemed surprised by the room as well. I guess not a lot of people had their things inside before they actually got there.

            “I take it you like horror stuff?”

            It was a huge contrast from her fluffy pink room decked out in fake animal skins. I had posters of my favorite horror movies, bobble heads of my favorite villains, and an alarm clock shaped like a brain that made zombie sounds when it was time to wake up. Talk about culture shock.

            “Love it,” I said and sat on my bed with a blood splatter comforter.

            “You’re going to enjoy Halloween around here then.”

            My eyebrows lifted. “Why’s that?”

            Unhappy, Angela shakes her head. “They do this huge thing. They lock the place completely down, turn off the lights – total blackout – and it’s like a huge haunted house with monsters and stuff.”

            “People dress up?”

            She laughed and looked at me like I was crazy. “No. They use holograms.”

            Of course they would use holograms. They were rich as hell.

            “And from the look on your face you don’t like it very much do you?”

            Her body shivered. “No. I like the sun and ponies. I can do without monsters and darkness.”

            I laughed. “Well, when you’re scared all you have to do is remember it’s not real.”

            “Yeah.” Her forehead was down but I could see wrinkles in her forehead. She was thinking about something, but she didn’t seem comforted by the words that I lived by.

            I’d seen horrors, I’d seen death. Horror movies and haunted houses were nothing more than fiction – that’s why I liked them. But Angela didn’t seem so sure of my advice. What was it about this Halloween ritual that had her on edge? 

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