Saint Whitley's Academy

*This came from a dream so it's a little scattered right now. Please bare with me <3
Jael has lived her life with a handful of things that were precious to her, one of them being her mother. But when Charles Benson comes into their lives, things change. He's rich and powerful and after a short time, marries Jael's mother, Andrea. When the idea of sending Jael to boarding school is brought to the table, Andrea cannot do anything but accept fearing that she and Jael will be back on the street.

The boarding school is just like any other, huge and terrifying. Will Jael be accepted? Or will the eat her alive? She doesn't know. All that she's been told is that Halloween is the biggest holiday because it's the only one that the whole school celebrates together. Her new roommate, Angela tells her how the school goes on complete lockdown - it's like a giant horror house with holograms of ghosts and other disturbing sights. But what if they aren't all holograms? What if some of them...are real?


4. Mealtime Interrogation



            I put my clothes away carefully in each drawer taking my time and hoping that the daylight would run out soon, but we hadn’t even eaten dinner yet. I didn’t want to leave my room and join Angela in the dining hall where she would introduce me to all over her friends and then they would talk about me as soon as I left. Actually, I was dreading the interaction.

            There was a knock on my door, the door that lead to the bathroom and that could have only been one person.

            “Come in,” I said to Angela.

            She walked in, saw me kneeling on the floor putting my clothes in their designated area.

            “Are you ready to eat?” She touched her stomach. “I’m starving.”

            The cafeteria was large and loud and somehow despite everything that was going on, people still managed to turn and look at me whilst carrying on their conversations. It wasn’t like I had bright pink hair or I wore a clown costume, I was wearing the same plaid green skirt and green blazer as everyone else. I guess when you see the same people every single day of your life you tend to notice a new face.

            Angela took my hand and pulled me towards the line. “If we wait too long, people will get in front of us and all the good food will get snatched up. Trust me, you don’t want that to happen.”

            I’d been to school before and no school I’d ever gone to served food like St. Whitley’s. Everything was organized and carefully prepared then carefully served. It didn’t look like slop and I doubted it tasted like slop. I filled my tray with whatever Angela was getting. The amount of food she placed on her plate amazed me. I guess it was included in the tuition, might as well take advantage of it. A few more days of my tray piled so high would surely earn me a few pounds, but if I knew Angela’s secret for staying so skinny, maybe I would have nothing to worry about.

            We weaved through the cafeteria (people still stared as I walked by) and finally landed at a table with two empty seats. Everyone flashed Angel a smile but their attention turned quickly to me.

            “You must be Jael,” a girl with fabulously shiny, black hair said to me. Her eyes were perfectly round and green, her skin an olive tone that I wish I had.

            I nodded my head. “I am.”

            She smiled exposing teeth that were too white for a normal human being. “I’m Brittany.” Pointing to the girl beside her and the boy beside her, Brittany said, “And this is Nicole and that’s Paul.”

            I nodded my head. “Nice to meet you.”

            Paul was tan and it wasn’t the natural tan that a lot of boys had after the summer, it had a hint of orange and I knew that he went to a tanning salon. I never understood why people did that. I mean, I understood the appeal of being tan but the tanning beds made people have skin that looked abnormal, kind of sick. Nicole was Brittany’s twin but a bad version of her. Everything about her looked fake. Her hair was long but damaged (possibly extensions), her blonde roots showed obvious signs of a bad dye job, and the hint of orange that I saw of Paul was invading Nicole’s body. Did no one have the decency to tell her that she looked like an Oompa Loompa?

            “Angie told us about you as soon as you came,” Brittany stopped and thought about what she said. “Nothing bad of course. Just that she had a new roommate and that you were pretty. That’s a big thing in our group. If you’re good looking, you’re easily accepted here.”

            More like if you’re fake as hell you’re accepted. Angela wasn’t paying much attention to what was going on around her; she was too involved with the food she was eating.

Her metabolism must be awesome, I couldn’t help thinking to myself.

“She also told us you were obsessed with satanic stuff,” Paul chimed in.

My eyebrows furrowed and I was about to deny the accusation but Angela stopped spooning food into her mouth. “I did not say that! I said she liked Halloween and scary shit.”

Paul shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever. It’s the same thing.”

I laughed. “No. I don’t… worship like, the Devil or anything. I just like horror movies and-”

“Why,” Nicole asked. “That’s weird.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t know. I just do.”

“Where are you from,” Nicole asked.

“Pennsylvania,” I said not bothering to give them any other information. If I said I was from Lower Moreland they would look at me weird.

Paul bit into a piece of celery. “Why are you here?”

             “Guys, chill,” Angela groaned. “This is why no one ever wants to sit with us. Because since we know everything about each other, we know nothing of anyone else and then we hound them with questions and stray praying they find people that will just talk to them instead of asking questions.”

            She took a deep breath and everyone stared at her as if she’d offended them greatly. My eyes widened at her outburst. She seemed so even tempered.

            Standing up, Angela grabbed her almost empty tray and looked at me. “I have to go to the bathroom. I’ll meet you back at the room.”

            Everyone watched her go but no one said a thing until she was completely out of the cafeteria.

            I turned back around afraid to face her friends who all had their eyes on me.

            Paul smiled and pushed up the black rimmed glasses that rested on his nose. “I’m gay.”

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