Notice me. (One direction)

"I'm sorry, I have been lying for you, I'm not who you think I am" The message hit Isa like a hard rock, what did he mean? No who she think he is? Wasn't this THE Harry Styles writing and telling her she was beautifull?....

Isa has had a thing with the very famous Harry Styles, or so she thinks. When the faker finally confess, Isa turns from the happy girl to a nervous wreck, she thought she knew him, she thought she was special..


1. Everything has changed.

Isa tears up, what does he mean? Not who she thinks he is? 
Deep down, she knew. Why would Harry Styles take the time to write with her, he is a massive superstar and she is just a normal, typical fan. She isn't worth anything, nobody likes her, why should he? Even though she knew there were fakers out there, she accepted him like a part of her everyday life from the beginning, he had made her really happy. This can't be the end, what now? She takes a deep breath and looks once again on the computer screen where the chat is open. The name is in clear white and says "Harry Styles". She has been hiding him for a year now, she only told people in the beginning, and they didn't believe her anyways. She became more and more closed about him, he was her secret little weapon, he could brighten up a whole day. They had some seeriously deep conversations over the months, about life, society and even the weather. She even told him about the past. He helped her accept it. He was the only one who she had told. Isa feels like screaming, this isn't right. HE IS AN ASSHOLE. The suddenly change of feelings overwhelmed her and she threw herself in to the bed. She felt like crying and screaming at the same time. She trusted him. She even assured him she wasn't writing with him because he was famous, she liked him for him, not for Harry Styles. But all of a sudden, the name meant everything. The name is his whole identity, she can't believe anyone would lie to her that way. What has she done to derserve this? Nothing! She is just a girl, who needs someone. Just someone. Filled with anger, she throws the screen of the laptop to the keyboard and rises from the bed. She doesn't have to deal with this right now. For Gods sake, her exams are tomorrow!

She walks silently down the stairs to her mum. She's in the couch, and Isa decides to cuddle up next to her. 
"Something wrong, Isa baby?" Her mother asks with care. Isa shivers, that woman can sense anything!
"No mum, I'm just tired" Her answer is perfect, her mum knows she gets upset when she's tired. Isa falls asleep next to her mum while thinking of Harry Styles. How many times hasn't she looked at a picture of the goodlooking popstar thinking, he makes me smile everyday. 

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