Gifted And Talented: Ryan and Amanda's Story

'Being best friends with a guy is hard. It's harder if he doesn't know you like him, despite the hints' -Amanda Warner. Sixteen, living her high school life to the fullest, and having the best friend a girl could have. That's Amanda Warner for you. She's in love with him but he doesn't know. Even if she hints a lot.
'I love Amanda but I'm afraid to have her as mine. I don't wanna hurt her' -Ryan Featherson. Being the class clown. he caught many girls' eyes but he only has eyes for one girl: Amanda Warner. He's too afraid to be hers. Though he loved her from the beginning.
Will they ever get together? Find out..


1. Movies And Hints



The snow fell on my curly brown hair as I waited for Amanda to come out of her house. She's always late for something. Tonight, we were going to watch a movie together, as friends. We'd missed the Hunger Games last time so we decided to hit the theaters to watch it today. Finally, the door opened and I saw her come out, her dark brown hair flying along as she came out. I could almost feel my green eyes brighten at the sight of her. "Hey...I thought you were dead or something" I said. She rolled her eyes.


      "Shut up, Ryan" she said, pulling her pink earmuffs out of her bag and putting them on. I scanned her from top to bottom. She was really beautiful with her dark brown hair falling down in rings at the end and her sparkling dark brown eyes. Today, she decided to wear a pink furry sweater with skinny jeans. Her hands were covered in gloves and she was wearing her sneakers. "Stop staring at me, Ry! You're creeping me out" said Amanda, shaking her head. "Oh sorry...come on...get in" I said opening the car door for her.


       She got in and I closed the car door. I got in on the driver's side and started the car. "So...bought the money? I'm not paying for you" she asked, adding the last part in a warning tone. "Money? What money?" I said stupidly. She hit me on my shoulder. "God! Stop fooling around with me" she said as I laughed. "Alright alright! I bought the money" I said honestly. "Good...or I'd have killed you in the theater" said Amanda, smiling a bit. 


         "If you'd have tried to kill me, I'd call the security" I said as I drove the car. "Yeah, whatever. Let's see what's on the radio" she said as she turned on the radio. She kept on changing stations until Nicki Minaj's Starships filled the car. "Oh goody" she said. I couldn't help but smile to myself as I thought of how cute she sounded when she did that. I shook my head a bit. Why should I think of something like that? She was my best friend. She started to sing along with Nicki Minaj. I looked at her. "What?" she asked. "Nothing...oh we're here" I said pulling up in front of the theater. I got out and I opened the door for her. I parked somewhere else and then followed her to the ticket counter.


         "Two tickets to the Hunger Games please" said Amanda. The man in the counter handed us the tickets and said "That'll be $2 please" I fished out a dollar from my wallet while Amanda handed one from her purse. We went inside and decided to get some snacks. She got some popcorn and two Slushies. We entered the theater, just as the movie started.

                                                                  * * *

"That was the best movie ever. Honest to goodness" said Amanda as we got inside the car. The snow was falling hard now and we were in a rush to find some warmth as the wind began to blow. "Yeah...the books were pretty good too" I said as I revved up the engine. "What was your favorite part?" I asked. "The part where Katniss and Peeta kissed in the cave. That was the most romantic kiss ever!" said Amanda sighing. When I watched the part, I kind of thought what it would be like if it was me and Amanda instead of Katniss and Peeta. "I can see why it won Choice Liplock" I said.


       " was the best kiss I ever saw on screen" she said. "I kind of wish a guy would kiss me like that" she added dreamily. Yeah...the guy who wants to do that is sitting right next to you I thought automatically. I shook my head and tried to forget that thought. I parked in front of her house. "Okay...we're here...I guess this is goodbye...until we meet in school again" I said. "Bye, Ry...thanks for going to see the movie with me" she smiled. "Bye, Mandy" I said smiling back. "See ya" said Amanda as she got out. I sighed as I began to drive away from her house.


        Am I really falling for her or is it just my head playing tricks with me? There have been lots of moments when she and I were close to kissing. I remembered one day when we were painting my aunt Marie's new kid's nursery. She had paint stuck on her nose and she was looking really cute. "'ve got paint on your nose" I had said. "Really...can you wipe it for me? I kinda have paint on my hands" she said sheepishly. I got a clean rag and dampened it. Then I started to wipe it off the tip of her nose. When I was done, I noticed the extremely uncomfortable closeness. Her lips had been just inches from mine and she was looking really pretty up close but then Allie, aunt Marie's daughter burst into the room. Then we couldn't even look at each other, straight in the eye for a while.

It was pretty awkward.

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