Once upon a time

When you were little did your parents ever read you stories? Fairytales when the prince always saves the princess. About true love? About happy ever after. Well this is my fairytale...


2. Cinderella

I sighed. I brushed my dirty blonde hair behind my eyes as i swept the black, dusty stones. The stiff old broom refused to co-operate and i felt like breaking down in tears. I saw my stepmother come down the stairs through the brown stained window. She was dressed in a huge red puffy ballgown, with bows interwined in her thick brown hair. My stepsisters barged through as well, arguing about who will walk inside the great palace walls first, their plump cheeks red and blotched. my shoulders slumped as they stepped onto a extragravant carridge and rode away. Laughing. I was alone, as i was aways alone. In the shadows. i threw the broom at the floor in defeat. Then i saw a light, a blinding beautiful light. As i stumbled towards it the light turned into a woman. A beautiful woman. her golden gown shimmered and her kind and caring eyes watched me with a trusting gaze. But she shimmered, sparks coming of a pearly white wand she brandished inher hands. "Who are you?" I stammered. "I'm your fairy godmother and i'm here to help you go to the ball." As she opened her mouth to speak again, she shattered. An explosion of golden dust. Behing her stood a terrifying man who struck fear into everyone's hearts. Rumplestilkin. his deals were legend and his magical power were even greater. he has dark blood red eyes and dark cracked skin and he had a cruel smile upon his face as he cackled. "Why did you do that to my fairy godmother she was going to help me!?" I nearly yelled. "Well dearie she had something i wanted, so i took it." He picked up the wand that had clattered to the floor. "But now i can never go to the palace." I almost cried. "Well then sweetie i'll make you a deal. You can go to the palace, i'll take you there myself but you will owe me a favour, one favour and i will come to collect. All magic comes with a price" He whispered darkly. "So then do we have a deal?" He asked. I nodded. He pulled out a contact and a pen and without reading it i signed it. He flicked his wand and I was dressed in a shimmering blue gown and the palace was in front of me, in all it's glory. I looked down. "Glass slippers?" I asked confused. "All stories need a memorible detail." He shrugged.  "Remember dearie all magic comes with a price." Rumplestilkin said as he disapperead into the shadows. I shuddered but forgot about it, my future was ahead. i was free.

*6 months later*

I was standing on a balcony, these last few months was amazing, i relished in it. Last week thomas (The prince) proposed to me and i said yes! How could i not? I remember the first night i met him on the balcony. He had some great friends as well. Snow white and her boyfriend were coming tomorow for the wedding and i couldn't sleep. Lately, i kept thinking about my favur to rumplestilkin and what favor could he possibly have that took this long to collect. i pushed him from m y mind. I was trying to forget that life. I was not that person any more. i shook my head and turned back inside. "happy days ella, happy days." I whispered before falling asleep. I woke up to a bright blue sky. Today was it. It was the day. OMG!!!!!!! I quickly dressed and spent the morning with people saying congrats and having my hair twisted and pulled. Oh well, it was worth it. The rest of the day passed with a blur, i was still in shock of my luck. i was dancing with everyone. I turned away from thomas to see my next partner and nearly fainted. Rumplestilkin. He grabbed my arms and we started dancing. "What are you doing here?" I whispered. "Well, dearie I have come to collect as i said sweetie all amgic comes with a price." He said laughing. "well what do you want? Gold? riches?" i asked. He shook his head. "i have more gold than i can count sweetie. No what i want is that thing growing inside your belly." Oh my gog! I let go and stepped back in shock. I haven't even told thomas yet how did he know? "I will collect, we had a deal and you'd do best not to break it." And he walked away. I felt like crying. I ran back up to my room. i threw a suitcase on the bed and started throwing clothes in. thomas walked in smiling. "Are we going somewhere?" He asked helping me. "No...I am." He looked at me. "I'm pregnant." i got out, choking up. he smiled so wide he looked like he could smile forever. "this iss what we always wanted though ella." He said. i started to cry. "But i made a deal, with rumplestilkin. For meeting you, falling in love with you, marrying you. His price is our child." i said in shame. He smiled sadly. "Magic may have brought us together but it didn't create this love." I threw my arms around him. "We have to make a new deal." he said. We were about to go up against the most powerful creature ever known in this world. He was known for his deals. If we succeded, he would never forget he would always be there waiting...

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