Another World (1D)

This fanfiction is about a girl who grows up with Harry Styles and the other boys of one direction. They aren't a band yet and they're just normal people...for now.


10. White Gowns and Tear Drops


“We have to get out of here!” Kaitlyn screamed. “What?! We can’t just leave her in the middle of the road!” Bella screamed. “Yes we can! Come on! Let’s go back to my house.” She said. “I…I have to go home.” She ran away.

       “Where’s Jane?” Zayn asked. “Getting food.” Niall replied. Just then the doorbell rang. “It’s probably her. I’ll get it.” Harry waked to the door to see a very distraught and desperate Bella. “What? Is this about Kaitlyn?” Harry asked in a sarcastic tone. “Yes, but not in that way. Let me come in.” she pushed past Harry and walked to the room where they were hanging out.

“Um…hi.” Zayn said. “Why are you here?” Niall said a bit rudely.

“Okay. Listen to my story and I promise I had nothing to do with this. So, Jane walked out of the Seven Eleven and Kaitlyn was there. She was like, “Oh, you stole my boyfriend?” And then Jane was looking at the ground and she said sorry and then Kaitlyn pushed her into the street and then a car was coming, and the car…hit her.” A tear fell from all of their faces. “She left her in the street and was going to just leave the scene but I had to tell you guys.” She said. “Thanks. Well, BYE!” the three of them raced out to find an unconscious me. I was laying on the side of the street.

“Oh my god!” Harry shouted and tears were streaming from his eyes. He picked up my unconscious body and dialed 911. “911, what’s your emergency?” “My girlfriend just got hit by a car! Someone help!” He was shouting into the phone. “Where is your location?” “I don’t know… seven eleven! Just come! I think she’s dead!” he said, crying really hard. “Sir, calm down, people are on the way.” He hung up. The three of them held me tight. I wish I were awake to see it. I would’ve been happy.

The ambulance came. They took me from Harry and zoomed away. The three of them were just crying and hugged each other for about an hour and then walked to the hospital. They got in the hospital and walked to the front desk. “Jane Singman?” Harry asks nervously. “Room 34B.” She said. They practically ran to the elevator. When they got to floor B and room 34, they walked in, and I was sleeping. There was a nurse sitting next to me and a doctor in the room.

“Um.. doctor? Is she okay? Is she dead?” Zayn asked with a very obvious terrified voice. “No. She’s not dead. She was pretty close though, if it weren’t for you she would be. She has a broken leg, ankle, a dislocated knee, a broken wrist, one broken rib and the rest are just bruised, and mild head trauma. She has to stay at the hospital for a few weeks and then she can come home. She’s gonna be okay though.” The boys all breathed a sigh of relief.

“She has all those broken bones?” Harry asked, a tear trickling down his vulnerable and hurt expression. “Yes, I don’t know how this happened. Do you?” he asked. “Yes, I’ll tell you later.” He said, looking at me, with a depressed expression. “I’m gonna leave the room, nurse, you should too. Let these boys have a minute with her.” They left.

Harry went and grabbed my hand. He kissed me on the forehead. They all kissed me on the forehead. My eyelids slowly creaked open, like an old door. “What, what’s going on?” I said, barely managing words. “Shhh, princess, don’t speak.” All I saw before I blacked out was those incredible emerald eyes.

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