Another World (1D)

This fanfiction is about a girl who grows up with Harry Styles and the other boys of one direction. They aren't a band yet and they're just normal people...for now.


12. Unexpected Visitors


“Jane!” I opened my eyes, and this time it wasn’t so hard. I was staring at a very evil looking Kaitlyn. “What…what do you want? You’re not gonna push me in front of a car again are you?” I closed my eyes, and the flashbacks started. There I was, with a bag of crap in my hands and there was Kaitlyn and her gang. “So…you stole my boyfriend?” She asked, very snottily. “I’m…I’m sorry…” I mumbled to the ground. She pushed me into the middle of the street, and a car was coming. A big black car that just hit me. I heard the screams of terror and I turned. I saw the blinding headlights. The force of the hit. The blackening screams. The headlights. The force. I couldn’t forget any of it.

“No, I came to um… to apologize.” “Yeah. You know, I could be dead right now.” I said, looking at her. “Well…I’m sorry.” I looked her up and down. She was wearing cuffed light wash jeans with bedazzles on the back left pocket, and an American flag tank top. “Okay.” I said. “And…I wanted to know if you wanted to be friends.” “Friends? Okay, the girl who has been torturing me since 6th grade, the girl who pushed me in the street and made me get hit by a car, the boy who kissed MY boyfriend wants to be my friend. What a joke.”

I closed my eyes trying to fall asleep. She slapped me hard across the face. My face burned from the impact and my eyes watered. A tear fell and I didn’t dare open my eyes. I put my head under my pillow so she couldn’t slap me anymore. She kicked my leg. I couldn’t hold back the sobs and it all came out. I pulled my had out from under the pillow and screamed, “Harry!” He came running in to see Kaitlyn with an angry expression and me with tears running down my face and a print of a hand on my left cheek.

“Kaitlyn! What the hell, why are you here?!” He shouted. He looked at my cheek and screamed, “You slapped her! You slapped her in the face? What’s WRONG with you?” Then I said, “She kicked my leg too, the broken one.” Another tear fell. Kaitlyn just stood there with a smirk on her face. “Yeah, I did. And you know why? BECAUSE SHE STOLE MY BOYFRIEND!” and with that, Kaitlyn took Harry’s face and smooshed it against her, forcing his lips to meet her. He didn’t kiss back though, and he was obviously trying to break free.

He finally did and screamed, “Just get out! Stop bringing problems to us! And you’re going to jail, I hope you know that!” She smirked and walked out the door. Harry ran over to me and kissed the cheek that she slapped. I cringed a little bit and he stopped himself, “Sorry babe.” I smiled, and then he looked t my leg. It was still throbbing and I was crying.

“Baby, I’m sorry for what she did to you. Which leg did she kick?” I pointed to the one with the blue plaster and he immediately started to cry. He sat down in the chair next to me. “Baby why are you crying?” I asked, reaching out the hand that didn’t have a cast on it to wipe his tear away. “How could I not be crying? This happened to you and it breaks my heart because it’s my fault.”

“Harry, this is not your fault. Do not blame yourself, please.” “Yes it is, Jane. If I hadn’t been desperate enough to say yes, she would’ve never liked me and she would’ve never done that to you.” A tear ran down his face. “Harry. Look at me. This is my fault. Okay, don’t be sad because it doesn’t matter who tries to break us apart. We’re in love. We have each other and that’s all that matters at this point. I don’t care enough about Kaitlyn to have her ruin this. Because I love you and that’s all that matters to me.” “I love you too.” He said, smiling.

The doctor walked in. “Jane, you are free to go. Of course, you won’t be able to walk, so we have hospital cars...-“ “I’ll carry her.” “Um…Mr. Soapstone are you sure?” “Yes, I am sure. Can we go now?” “Yes, you can but…” “Bye!” He scooped me up and I didn’t feel any pain. For the first time in three weeks, our lips met, and I was the happiest girl in America.

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