Another World (1D)

This fanfiction is about a girl who grows up with Harry Styles and the other boys of one direction. They aren't a band yet and they're just normal people...for now.


6. Spin the Bottle!


Me and Zayn were watching the movie when a really scary part came on. I gasped and buried my eyes into his shoulder. He laughed and said, “Didn’t know you scared so easily.” I heard a ring. He turned off the movie and I let in a smiling Niall. “Hey.” I hugged him. “Okay, I just saw them they’re on their way up the street, they walked but I just drove. Is that okay?” “Yeah, sure.” We walked to the back and I laid on the couch for what seemed like a millisecond until I heard the doorbell again. I walked over to get it. I opened the door and there were three high school guys, Liam, Louis and Josh, with their mouths open. “When did you…” “You look so…” “Oh my god…” That’s all they could manage. I hugged Josh first, the tallest of them and he whispered in my ear, “You’re crazy beautiful.” I smiled. Then I hugged Liam, and then Louis. I led them to the back of my house where we were hanging out.

In their hands they had bags full of food and stuff. “Okay, before you open the bags. If there are any drugs or alcohol in there you’re leaving.” “God, you became beautiful AND uptight.” Liam said. I smiled. “Don’t worry, all it is, is soda and food.” Louis said, rolling his eyes. They took everything out of the bags. There must have been ten huge bottles of soda, fifteen huge bags of chips, and twenty boxes of candy. “Oh my god why did you bring ALL of this?” I asked. “You know, you may be a girl who only eats fancy salads and almonds, but we’re guys. We don’t go for that whole fancy frou-frou stuff.” I rolled my eyes.

I got cups and we just sat on my rug, drinking and eating. It was extremely fun. Then, once we finished a whole bottle of root beer, they put it on the floor and said, “Spin the bottle!” “Okay, this is so unfair. I’m the only girl. If I spin it, then it’s definitely gonna land on a guy.” “Oh well, life’s unfair.” Louis said with a  smirk.

“Okay, here are the rules. You have two hand holdings. Once it lands on you twice then its two hugs. Then two kisses on the cheek. And after all that, all it is making out. Got it? And there’s two dice and you roll them both to see how many seconds, times two. So if one lands on three and one lands on five, it’s eight seconds, times two which is sixteen seconds.” Louis said. I groaned. This was gonna be annoying.

First, Louis spun. It landed on Liam. They just hugged for like four seconds and then Liam spun. All the guys hugged each other. Then, Niall spun. We had to hold hands for twenty seconds. It wasn’t really awkward because I had held hands with him before. Then, I spun. It landed on Josh and I had to hold hands with me for eight seconds. Then he spun. It landed on Liam. Then Liam spun and it landed on me. We had to hold hands for four seconds. Then I spun and it landed on Josh again. We held hands for twenty four seconds. “Ooh, Jane’s done with all her hand holdings! Hugs next!” Louis said, and winked. I just rolled my eyes.

Josh spun and it landed on Louis. Louis spun and it landed on me. We held hands for fifteen seconds. Then I spun and it landed on Zayn. I had to hug him for fourteen seconds. It was a real hug, not a fake one. I smiled but I had already done this. Then I had to go to the bathroom in the other room. Right when I came out, I saw Niall. “Hey” I said and walked past him. Then he grabbed my arm. “What?” I asked. “Okay, so Zayn…he really likes you. No one in there likes you as more than a friend even though they agree you’re undeniably beautiful, but really he likes you a lot. Don’t tell him I told you, though. Oh and everyone knows too. So don’t be awkward about it. Okay?” “Okay.” I said. I walked back and smiled at Zayn. He smiled too. I sat down and it was Zayn’s turn. He landed on me, and I had to hold his hand for thirteen seconds. Then I spun and it landed on Louis. I had to hug him for fifteen seconds. Then, at the end of the hug he squeezed my butt. “Perve!” I screamed. Josh said, “Get it, Louis!” I just rolled my eyes.

I looked at Zayn and he was looking at the ground. My heart hurt but then I remembered he liked me and I loved him back so I was gonna make him happy. “Jane’s down to kissing on the cheek!” Liam said. Liam spun and it landed on me. We had to hold hands or seventeen seconds. Then I spun and it landed on Niall. I had to kiss his cheek for twenty seconds. Then Niall spun and it landed on Zayn. Then Zayn spun and it landed on me. He had to hold my hand for fifteen seconds. Then I spun and it landed on Zayn. I laughed, and kissed his cheek for twenty three seconds. Then Zayn spun and it landed on Josh. Josh spun and it landed on me. We had to hold hands for twenty two seconds. Then my stomach lurched. Whoever it landed on I had to kiss, like really kiss. “Whoever this lands on is the luckiest guy in the world.” Liam said. I laughed nervously. I hoped in my heart that it would be Zayn. I spun the bottle and, to my disappointment, it was Liam. I rolled the dice. I only had to kiss him for four seconds, not nearly as bad as it could have been, but still pretty bad. “Pucker up!” He joked as our lips touched for four seconds. I didn’t feel any butterflies like I did with Harry. All it was, was a kiss.

Then, Liam spun and it landed on Niall. Niall spun and it landed on me. I had to hug him for fourteen seconds. Then, it was my turn again. Another kiss. I closed my eyes and spun the bottle. It landed on Zayn. My heat leapt and so did his. I rolled the dice. Sixteen seconds. Although I wished it was twenty four I didn’t mind. He walked over to me. The sparkle in his eye was so adorable. He brushed a stray hair out of my face and slowly our lips were touching. I kissed him deeper and he kissed me back even deeper. I was so lost in the amazingness that I didn’t hear when Josh shouted stop, four times. I finally heard him and pulled away and laughed. “I think you two should go in the kitchen for a second…” Josh said. We walked in there. “Okay, first of all, I love you.” He blurted out, before I had any control of what I was saying. “You…you do?!” I asked. “Yes, I do Jane I do I really do okay I am in love with you.” he said. “I love you too.” I said. Then, his lips were on mine and he tasted so sweet. We had a very passionate kiss. Apparently we were kissing for a long time, because the boys all walked in to see how it was going. “So, I see you finally discovered you were in love.” Niall said, awkwardly. I pulled away. I grabbed his hand, and before we knew it, our fingers were intertwined.

“Um…yeah.” I said and smiled. They smiled too and then Zayn asked, “Do you wanna go out with me?” Looking at the ground in a shy and cute way. “Yes, yes a million times yes.” I smiled and we were about to meet lips again but the boys ruined it by saying, “Awwwwww!” After that, me and the guys were playing more games and stuff. Zayn was sitting next to me, holding my waist and not letting me kiss anyone. I loved him so much.

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