Another World (1D)

This fanfiction is about a girl who grows up with Harry Styles and the other boys of one direction. They aren't a band yet and they're just normal people...for now.


2. Miracles and Misfortunes

I called Harry, tears in my eyes. “Hey, Jane, what’s up?” He asked. “Harry…oh my god my… my mom died this morning in a car crash.” I started crying, and couldn’t stop, “What am I supposed to do? I loved her so much I need a mom why did she have to die?” it all came out. “Oh my god, Jane, are you serious? Is this supposed to be a joke or something?” “Do you think I would joke about something like that? She’s dead, and I don’t know what to do. And the worse part? I got in a fight with her this morning and we never made up!” I was crying so hard. “Jane, Jane don’t worry she didn’t blame you okay everything’s gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be fine.” He said. “How can you say that?” I was crying so hard. “Jane, meet me at seven eleven in an hour, try to clean up a little bit and we can go out, okay?” I tried to smile. “Kay.” And I hung up.

I hopped in the shower, washed myself, and then got dressed. I checked my drawers for something cute to wear, but I immediately got depressed. My mom bought all the clothes in my drawers. I shoved the idea out of my mind and tried to find something he’d like. I put on a sleeveless bra and a black quarter-sleeve shirt that I tucked under a short, white lace skirt and tied it off with a black bow-belt. I put my long, brown hair in a side ponytail and threw on a pair of black hi-tops. I put on my ooh la-la lavender deodorant on, a gold bracelet, along with a gold locket, and some pearl earrings. I took my phone and money and put it in my small white purse that had a gold chain.

My dad was on the couch. “Where are you going?” “Out with my friends. I’m trying to get my mind off…you know.” Tears gathered in both of our eyes and I walked out the door. I ran across the street and saw him waiting there, his brown hair and emerald eyes looking cuter than ever. I ran over and saw him. He looked shocked. I went to fat camp and lost 35 pounds and he hadn’t seen me since. I was actually skinny now. “Hey.” I said and smiled. “Woah, you look…beautiful.” I smiled. “Thanks. So, where are we going?” I asked, looking in his eyes, they were so beautiful I couldn’t look away. “You know the fair thing, the bazaar I think, and yeah I went a few times, its fun.” “Okay.”

We started walking and talking, our hands were brushing, and then finally I said something flirty and he grabbed my hand. I smiled at him and we kept walking and talking, this time with our fingers intertwined. We got there, and immediately I saw a group of mean girls, Madison, Hannah and Hailey, and with them was Emma. They gasped when they saw me. Hannah was big so she immediately gave me a look. And then they looked down at my hand and his and I confidently gave them a look back.

Madison was wearing an orange Mickey Mouse tank top that went to midway down her stomach and light wash high waisted cut off shorts. Her short, wavy brown hair was down and she had on a pair of orange flip-flops. Hannah was wearing a white tank top with a beach scene on it and shorts, not showing any stomach because she was big. Her curly blonde hair was down, and she was wearing these paint splattered Vans. Hailey was wearing this gray and blue tank top and blue skinny jeans, with short gray buttoned Uggs and a gray hat. Her red hair was up in a tight bun. Finally, Emma was wearing a white tank top with a pink vest and ripped light wash jeans. She had on white low-tops and her short red/black curly hair was in a ponytail. I got the biggest glare from her.

Harry looked over at me and then whispered, “You look the best.” I looked at him and whispered, “You look really hot.” We laughed and walked past the girls. I saw some kids playing with their mom and I suddenly became really upset. I sat on a bench and he sat next to me. “What’s wrong?” He asked in a really caring tone. “All these kids are with their mom and I will never be able to have that feeling again.” He looked at me and a tear fell down my face. He wiped it away and brought me close to him. “Jane, can I tell you something? Look at me.” He said, tears welling up in his eyes.

“Sure.” I said. “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. You’re always complimenting me so now it’s my turn. You’re gorgeous. You were gorgeous before the transformation but now even more. You’re smart and creative and crazy and everything a guy looks for in a girl. You’re perfect. Don’t ever forget that.” Just then, Emma walked by. Harry looked at her, and said, “You’ve already caused her enough damage, so I recommend walking away, Emma.” She gave him a look and ran back to her little group.

Just then, I felt the need to say something. “Harry, I really have to say something.” I said. “Me too.” “Alright lets say it at the same time.” I suggested. “1…2…3…” The three words ‘I love you’ came out of both of our mouths. “You’re kidding!” I said, shockingly. “No, I’m not. I love you more than anything and I’ve been dying to say it for so long.” He said. “Oh my god, I love you too.” Just then, a drop of rain fell.

“We should get going if it’s raining.” I said, looking at the sky. “Kay, let’s go.” We both got up, and held hands until the traffic light. It was pouring, and cars were zooming by. I looked up at him and said, “You’re so hot.” And then he said, “You’re so beautiful.” As soon as he said that, I leaned up and we were kissing. My first kiss, and it was in the rain. It felt so right. Then, the light changed. We crossed and I could tell both of our moods were better as he walked me to my door and said “Call me.” Then walked down the street heading home. I ran up to my room and just cried. Cried because I was so happy. Cried because I was so sad. And besides the obvious misfortune, today was the best day of my life.



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