Another World (1D)

This fanfiction is about a girl who grows up with Harry Styles and the other boys of one direction. They aren't a band yet and they're just normal people...for now.


14. Back To The Way It Was Supposed To Be


Slowly, I opened my eyes. For the first time in what seemed like forever, I didn’t see the horrid white room. I saw my green and blue wallpaper. I slept for eighteen hours, and when I woke up, it was the morning of a new day. My crutches were laying on my radiator, and I got up to get them. I was still wearing an ugly hospital gown. I took it off slowly and carefully and got some real clothes on. I put on black tights with a black tank top tucked into my floral and black skirt.

I carefully walked to the stairs, and tried to get down. I was halfway down the stairs when I tripped and fell. “Ow, crap.” Tears came to my eyes, but I decided I had enough crying for a lifetime. I made my way down the rest of the stairs, slowly and carefully, and then got to the couch. I sat down and put my leg up. I put my wrist on the arm of the couch, and just relaxed. There was a ring of the doorbell. It seemed I was alone for the moment so I decided to see who it was.

They rang the doorbell four more times. “I’m coming!” I screamed, slightly annoyed. I hobbled down to the door and looked through the peephole. It was Louis and Liam. Great.

I opened the door and tried to smile, which didn’t work out so well. “Hey! Woah, what happened?” Liam said, his mood disheartening. “I got hit by a car.” I said. “Do you need help?” “No, I’m fine but I don’t know where the boys went if you’re looking for them.” I said, sighing. “No, actually we came for you.”

“Okay, well…come in, I guess.” “Lean on my shoulder and I’ll help you.” Louis said. “Fine.” I leaned on his shoulder, and he helped me to the couch. “So…why are you here?” I asked skeptically. “It’s…it’s Kaitlyn.” “Oh my god I am sick of hearing about Kaitlyn. First she pushes me into the street so I can get hit by a car and then runs away leaving me there, then she kisses my boyfriend, then she slaps me in the face and kicks my broken leg. What’s next? Is she gonna stab me or something?”

Their mouths gaped open. “What?! She did that to you?” Liam asked, startled. “Yeah, she did.” I said, looking at the ground. “Whatever, she’s just jealous because you’re, you know…you.” I smiled. “So why are you guys here?” “Okay, so we were in the pizza place. Her and her little ‘herd’ were sitting there alone. They pulled us into the booth and then started talking crap about you.” Louis said. I rolled my eyes. What more did Kaitlyn want with me?

       “She said that you were cursing her out and you weren’t looking, and then a car knocked you down. She said that she drove you to the hospital and visited every day.” My face screamed furious. “Are you kidding me?” I practically shouted. “She pushed me in the street because I got back together with Harry and then a car hit me. They ran away and her friend came and told Harry! I was never cursing her out! And Harry, Zayn and Niall drove me to the hospital, not her! She visited me one day, and that was to tell me that she was in love with my boyfriend. She slapped me as hard as she could and then kicked my leg. The one that’s broken.”

       “Oh my god, you’re okay, right?” Louis asked, obvious concern in his facial appearance. “Yeah, I’m fine, now. But I was so upset. She just walked away and didn’t care.” I looked away in fear that I was going to start crying. ‘Whatever, it doesn’t matter. But whatever she says next time I’ll be sure to tell everyone that it was just bull.” Liam said.

       “Okay, well, we have to go but get better we might stop in tomorrow. Feel better!” Liam said, kissing my cheek. “Feel better.” Louis said, giving me a bear hug. “Ow…ow okay, okay.” I said, laughing. He kissed my cheek and then they both left. I slowly and steadily made my way into the living room. I heard the door creak open and Harry walked in.

       “Hey babe!” He said, smiling. “Hey.” I said, a bit sadly. He quickly rushed over to the couch and grabbed me. He started tickling me. “Stop it!” I laughed. He laughed too but he didn’t stop. “Stop it!” I said, laughing. He cut off my laughter with a sweet kiss. “Well, someone’s in a good mood!” I said, smiling. “Well, now I am! I love seeing your smile, it’s so beautiful.” I smiled again and he smiled.

       I laid on his chest and listened to his breathing. “Harry?” “Yeah gorgeous?” I smiled at that. “Even though I don’t have a lot right now- no parents, no one to take care of me- I have you. And that’s all I need. You’re my world and I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t in my life. I love you so much.” Tears came to his eyes and he said, “You truly don’t have any idea how much I am in love with you. I will never leave you. You’re my sky and my moon and my everything.” I looked up and he kissed my forehead.

“Come with me. We’re going on a walk.” I groaned and got up. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but…I can’t go on walks. He laughed. “I’ll carry you!” I smiled at his cheekiness and then agreed. He scooped me up and we walked out the door. Before I knew it I was enveloped in a cloud of smoke from our neighbor’s barbeque. I breathed in the nice smell.

“Jane Olivia Singman. Why are you so flawless?” He smiled and lightly kissed my nose. I blushed. “I’m really not…” I said. “Don’t be silly. Of course you are, babe.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and gently kissed his jawline. We found a nice bench and I sat down next to him. We had stopped in Coffee Labs and got nice smoothies. It was a hot summer day so the refreshing drink definitely hit the spot.

Just then, a group of guys and girls walked by. I suddenly regretted walking today. It was Emma, Madison, Hailey, Hannah, Nick and Tyler, two boys who hung out with the four girls. Emma was wearing a white bra with a skimpy netted shirt tucked into ripped jean shorts with a fringed Cherokee bag. Madison was wearing an oversized blue and white striped sweater with a pair of short ripped jean shorts, a small purple bag to match. Hailey was wearing a light pink blouse tucked into a pair of green skinny jeans and tan wedges. She held a clutch. Hannah was wearing high waisted white bedazzled shorts and a black bra-shirt that went town to right beneath her bra. It was quite scary actually, she was pretty big and her fat was bulging out in all the wrong places.

Tyler’s black hair was spiked up with mouse. He had a pair of lacrosse shorts on with a lacrosse shirt on. Same with Nick. I gagged. The lacrosse attire was immature and childish and they had been wearing it since sixth grade.

Emma walked over and said, “What happened?” I didn’t feel like answering so Harry chimed in, “Long story.” Nick walked up to us and said, “She probably fell over because she’s so fat.” Tyler laughed and said, “Yeah, couldn’t run away fast enough from the car going two miles an hour. Oh wait, I forgot. She was too busy cursing Kaitlyn out to notice a car was coming. Wow, you’re stupid.” Tears came to my eyes, threatening to fall.

Harry stood up, clearly mad. “Look, Nick, calling her fat isn’t gonna make you skinnier. She is amazing the way she is and nowhere near fat. I think you should go before this gets more serious than it needs to.” And then he turned to Tyler. “And everything Kaitlyn told you was a load of crap. Go somewhere before this gets ugly.”

“It got ugly the moment she got here.” Nick said, pointing to me. “Wow Nick, you’re disgusting. Do you really need to bully a girl to make yourself feel better? That’s pretty sad. I thought you were more mature than that. I guess not. She’s so beautiful, and if you can’t realize that then there’s something wrong with you.” He pulled me up on one foot. “You see these casts? These horrible plaster casts? This was done by someone who didn’t like her. What the hell has this world come to?” A tear fell.

“Do you see what you’ve DONE?” Harry shouted. “She’s crying! Like she hasn’t already been through enough! BOTH OF HER PARENTS DIED! She got hit by a car! What more can happen to you in two months? She’s spent the majority of her time crying and now she was just starting to get happy again! Do you see what you did to her? You broke her! Why would you do that?” Another tear fell and Harry took his thumb and quickly wiped them away.

“I…I’m sorry Jane, I didn’t think you were going to get so upset…I didn’t know about your parents either...I…I’m sorry.” He said, muttering. “Now leave!” Harry shouted. The six of them scurried away. “Aw, babe, don’t be upset. He’s just jealous because I’m your boyfriend, not him.” I smiled and the tears dried up. I hugged him tightly.

He took me in his arms and said, “Piggy back ride!” I laughed. He was so cute. I hopped on his back and he carried me home and we just laughed the whole way. We walked up to my door and I came off his back and sat on the chair. “Thanks. That was really sweet how you stood up for me.” I said, smiling. “It’s okay. I did it because I love you.” I closed my eyes and our lips met for a millisecond before I heard a shout. “Hey, hey you’re not the only one here!” I turned to see Niall and Zayn sitting on the porch. “We don’t have a key so we couldn’t get in.” I laughed and walked over (hobbled more like it) and kissed them both on the cheek. We all sat down on the couch we had on the porch and just talked. Talked about what happened. Talked about what we felt like doing today.

We decided to just watch a movie until we got bored. I chose Revenge of the Bridesmaids this time, and they all agreed, only because I was injured. I laughed a lot and they did too. I could tell they liked the movie even though they didn’t want to admit it. I sat next to Harry (obviously) and then Zayn and Niall were next to me on the other side.

After the movie, they wanted to watch Scream 4. I rolled my eyes, determined not to get scared this time. Of course, by the middle of the movie, my head was permanently nuzzled into Harry’s shoulder. He just laughed at me the whole time. Even though they didn’t think the movie was scary, I did. Occasionally I opened my eyes, just to close them immediately fifteen seconds after.

After the movie was over, it was six o’clock, so we went out to pizza for dinner. Thankfully, no one we knew was there, and we just enjoyed a fun dinner. We talked about everything, and everyone. Mostly, we talked about Emma. “Ugh, I just…why did I like her? I could’ve liked you. I could’ve saved all that time with you but I made you upset, me liking her. I’m sorry babe.” He said, hugging me tightly. “It’s okay, Harry. We’re together now and that’s all that matters.”

He wrapped a strong arm around my waist and pulled me closer so he could kiss my forehead. I smiled and pecked him on the cheek. After we finished eating, we walked back home, hand in hand, with my head laying on his shoulder. Of course I was limping, but that was okay because I could be myself with him and it didn’t matter what I did.

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