Another World (1D)

This fanfiction is about a girl who grows up with Harry Styles and the other boys of one direction. They aren't a band yet and they're just normal people...for now.


18. 2 Years Later

That was two years ago. Now, Harry’s in a famous boy band called One Direction. We’ve been together for two years and it seems like forever. Dani and Liam broke up, which was the saddest day of Liam’s life- she dumped him. I helped him through it, but unfortunately that didn’t go as planned…


Liam walked through the door, his head held low. Harry walked up to him and asked him, “Hey, mate, what’s wrong?” All he muttered was, “Danielle…” Immediately, my mind conjured up the worst possible thing. Did Dani die? “Li, what happened?” I asked, rushing to his side. Harry looked at me and I told him I could handle it. Harry slowly walked out of the room, giving me a confused look. I just returned it.

A tear fell from Liam’s face, and it softly splattered on his arm. I gave him a huge hug, which he gladly returned. After about a few minutes, he stopped crying. “Li, you can tell me anything, you know that right? The six of us, we’re inseparable and we can say anything, right? So, Li, please tell me what’s wrong.” He slowly and sadly looked up into my brown eyes filled with concern and said, “She cheated. She cheated with another guy right in front of my face and then dumped me for him.” I quickly gave Liam another hug as more tears fell. “Shhh, Liam. Don’t worry it will be okay.” He looked up to me and said, “Jane…I love you.” “I know Li, and I love you too.” “No, Jane, not like that. I…I really love you, what me and Danielle had was puppy love. But I’ve never felt anything like this before.” He looked down at his feet.

My heart stopped beating. What? He loved me? I could never keep this from Harry, but if I told him he’d probably kill Liam. “Liam, what am I supposed to do about this? If I tell Harry, he’ll kill you. But I can’t keep it from him!” A tear fell from my eyes as I let out a frustrated sigh. “Jane, you don’t have to tell Harry because there’s nothing to tell. I just love you, that’s it. But it won’t affect your relationship, and I won’t ever try to break you guys apart. You’re happy right now, and so am I, only because you are. You and Harry are still my best mates, and nothing’s gonna change that, okay?” I slowly nodded, relieved at what I had just heard. “Thanks, Li.” I said.

We got up and went to Harry. I asked for a few minutes with Harry and explained the situation. Then, he suggested, “Okay, guys, let’s go out to dinner!” We all agreed and I ran upstairs and showered. I put on a white tank top with American flag shorts and blue heels. I straightened my hair. We went to this place called, “City Limits.” It was an amazing restaurant and everything was expensive, but Harry insisted since he had so much money because of one direction. One direction wasn’t all that famous yet, which was about to change.

(Flashback Ends)

A lot had happened in the past few months. I know now that Liam loves me but it doesn’t really change anything. I opened up twitter. I decided to do a twitcam, so I tweeted that I was about to do one. Some one direction fans didn’t like me, but they didn’t torture me like all the other girls. All they’d say was something like, “I love Harry more than you.” Or something stupid like that.

I opened up my twitcam and saw that I had 200,000 viewers. “Hey guys, so I was wondering if you had any questions or…?” Immediately I saw something that caught my eye. “Jane, Harry hates you. We all do, but Harry asked us to be nice for now. So I think you should know that Harry is going to dump you tonight at dinner. Sorry we had to tell you.” My eyes grew wider, even though I didn’t think it was true. Then, the hate started.

“Jane you’re so fat and ugly.” “You’re such a slut Harry only likes you because you’re good in bed.” “Harry likes me more than you so you can go cut yourself because no one cares about you.” “You can go die, because no one would care.” The last one brought tears to my eyes. “Um…I have to go…” I said, closing the laptop. I started hysterically crying. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I found a small knife in the kitchen and slowly dragged it across the skin of my wrist. More tears came out as I just sat in the bathroom, crying. A few minutes later, I heard a door open. Since I was wearing black skinny jeans and a white skin tight belly shirt with roses on it, I had no sleeves to cover it up. I just let a thousand tears fall as I tried to clean up my cut. As soon as the water hit it, I screamed because the pain was so intense.

Someone ran to where I was. I was guessing it would be Harry. But instead, it was Niall. “Hey Jane-“ His talking was cut off as he looked at my wrist and tears. He ran over and grabbed the knife and threw it out the window. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” He screamed angrily. I just cried, scared of what he might do. As soon as he saw that I was scared, his expression softened and he whispered, “Why?” His eyes getting watery. I pointed to my laptop. He opened it up and typed in the password (He knew it from a long time ago.) It opened to a twitcam and a bunch of obsessive fans found out he was on and tweeted everyone. Soon, there were 700,000 people on his twitcam. He read the previous comments they said about me. He almost cried, but he stayed strong. “Guys, we need to have a serious conversation.” He said in his heavy Irish accent. “These comments about Jane, they’re disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. The people who say stuff like this, you’re not really fans of one direction because if you were you’d support the decisions we made. The stuff, it’s so not true. Jane's an absolutely stunningly beautiful girl and if you can't realize that then that's really sad. Please stop doing this to her it kills me and her and Harry and everyone else in one direction, because we do love her. Are you kidding me? Harry's not gonna break up with her because he loves her, we all do. So please, stop being so mean to our princess!" Then he turned off twitcam and walked over to the bathroom where I was sitting sadly. He got a bandage and then gently placed it over my wobbly scar. 

I cried a bit more, and then he held me and calmed me down. Harry walked in and saw that I was crying. He dropped everything and ran. "Jane! Jane what's wrong?" He gripped my wrist with the bandaid and I screamed in pain. He looked at me and slowly took the bandage off, realizing what I had done to myself. He picked me up and said, "Please, please don't tell me you did that. Please, babe, don't tell me you did that." He looked at Niall who just nodded his head. Harry buried is face into my hair as he said, "I couldn't live without you. Never ever do that again, babe. Never." I nodded. He set me down on the couch. "What happened?" Niall grabbed his laptop and showed Harry the comments. Then, Harry got so mad. He opened up twitter and did the unexpected. He deleted the account and he deleted mine too. In a few hours, reporters swarmed our lawn, wanting to know why he did it. But no one answered the door. Zayn, Louis, and Liam all rushed through the back door, frantically trying to escape the blinding light of the paparazzi. 

They asked what was going on and Niall and Harry explained as I just sat there, sadly. They all came up and hugged me and told me how much they loved me and how none of it was true. But I was too busy thinking about how it probably was true and how Harry was too good for me.  "Harry, why do you love me? You can have anyone out there, a famous girl a hundred thousand times prettier than me." I said, looking down. He took my chin in his hand and whispered, "I don't want anyone else. You're so incredible, I would die without you. Please, never hurt yourself again because it hurts me too much." I tried to smile, which probably turned into something scary looking but I didn't care. So, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry did a twitcam. There were tons of questions as to why he deleted   his twitter. "You hurt my baby, you hurt me. All of that hate was absolutely disgusting. The lies, rumors, they're awful. My baby is fragile, you should know that. I love all of my fans but when it gets to the point of death threats, I can't deal with that. I've already found out that people are saying I slept with 410 women this year. I also heard I'm a manwhore. And those things clearly hurt, but when you're aiming this at the girl who did nothing but support us and love us, that's wrong and you know it. I love her and nothing's gonna change. So yeah, that's why I deleted my twitter." After that, "#SorryHarryAndJane" was trending, but so was, "#HarryDumpHerForMe" and "#Jane'sStillFatAndUgly" It hurt that they thought those things, but it helped that "Sorry Harry and Jane" was trending.


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