recounting the nights

partying nonstop for 24 hours has a price, but Audrey, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall still cant figure out what they did, Audrey and Niall have a pretty good idea what they did that night, well at least one thing they did...


2. Five boys, one night, BIG mistake

I ran into the bathroom and put my clothes on. I came out to find one direction, walking out oft room. Harry, still half asleep asked "where am I?" "Uhh.. Harry, youre at my house and I do t even know why..." I replied. Niall had finally gotten dressed and everyone looked at him an then at me. They knew one thing for sure, we weren't virgins anymore... I inspected the house, it was trashed. I saw Nialls guitar in the bathtub, a mirror in the dish washer, a shaver in the toilet, next to a teddy bear with its hair shaved off. I walked into the lounge room and stared at Louis, he had sherbet in his hair along with fairy floss. I dumped myself on the couch with a big head ache and asked Niall if he knew what we did. "I really hope we didn't but yes I do..." He replied. "If I could have controlled it i wouldn't have.." I assured him. "I know, I'm sorry.." I spotted a video camera on the floor so I grabbed it and checked through the videos. I played one taken from last night.. "WASSUPP?! We need to get our groove on" Niall screamed. "AND PARTY AND PARTY AND PARTY" I ran around the house saying.. Then I spotted a body hanging out I the closet in the video so I turned around saw an arm hanging out of my closet...
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