Living in Hell

Talisha is a 15 year old girl who just wants to fit in at her school in Perth, Australia. Ever since she and her family moved to the city from her hometown, Kalgoorlie, Talisha has been bullied to the extreme. She had no friends, and the teachers took no notice. Hell, no one took any notice!
Until one day, she changed from a silent nobody into a beauty queen. everything had to focus on her, and everyone had to worship her. But changing drastically does have its consequences...


1. Prologue

The blood dripped from my hand, and i watched as my last victim fell to the floor with glassy eyes. i didnt smile, yet i did not regret my actions. I was merely satisfied, that it would all be over as soon as my last victim falls. Turning away from the mess on thw floor, i wiped my knife on my brand new jeans- i bought this outfit especially for today- and sauntered out of the front door, on the way to my next destination. "Tal" his voice stopped me in my tracks. I began to walk again, faster this time. "Tal, please, i know what you're going to do!" he was jogging now, trying to keep up. "You don't have to do this Tal, come on, ill take you home and we can sort this out!" i abruptly turned, my eyes locking into his. He involuntarily gasped, taking in my appearance- blood splattered clothes, wild fathomless eyes and a grim smile as i whispered in an unrecognisable voice " It's too late"
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