Kate, Lost her memory and the flashbacks come back to her... but from the begining, if you want to know how she lost her memory, or what happens afterwards READ(:


4. The follow(:

Olive came over running up to my door and bursting in screaming out "LIAM AND NIALL HAVE CRUSHES ON US!" We started jumping up and down squealing! My mobil beeped and I checked it, 1 new follower I said "Who would follow me!?" Then my mobil beeped again 1 new DM "WHO `WOULD DM ME!?" I said a little louder than anticipated, Olive said "Maybe it's Niall" and winked I laughed pretty hard She always makes me laugh(: I shook my head and said "Probably not. I opened my app to twitter, I checked my followers "HOLY SHIT NIALL JUST FOLLOWED ME!" I screamed my Aunt came in the room crossed arms, "What is going on! It must be good cause you said shit and you never do?" I laughed a little and said "NIALL HORAN FOLLOWED ME!" She rolled her eyes "You mean that boy band One something?" I laughed and said "One Direction Auntie!" She shook her head and walked away muttering to herself "I need to move," I laughed at her and ran upstairs pulling Olive up with me practically by her hair! I jumped on my bed squealing with Olive. I checked my DM "NO WAY IT'S FROM NIALL!!!!" I said screaming! I plopped on my bed and put my head to my pillow and screamed "this isn't happening!!!" I kept reading the message it said; "Dear Kate, I know we met 6 years ago, but I think we should meet up sometime? Maybe learn more about eachother(; Please message back: Niall xx." I read aloud to Olive she screamed out "Kate! you lucky beoch!" I laughed and messaged himback "Hi Niall, Yeah I think we should meet up! To be honest, I've always had a crush on you... hope that's not awkward Ha," And then I typed my number saying "text me?" I waited thinking it was just a hoax when my mobil did a small chime signaling a new message, I said to Olive "D-do you think it's hi-him?" I stuttered. She shrugged and said "OPEN IT!" I clicked the unlock button and I just about slapped her, From: Olive(: "HA your gonna be pissed but did Niall text yet?" I laughed out and yelled at her "You're so immature" I said to her she just laughed and shrugged but then my mobil went off again, "Olive if it's you i'm gonna chase you around my house!" Olive put her right hand over her heart "I swear it wasn't from me,"

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