Kate, Lost her memory and the flashbacks come back to her... but from the begining, if you want to know how she lost her memory, or what happens afterwards READ(:


6. The Deal

Kate's P.O.V I ran up the stairs with Nando's Good thing my Aunt came home with some(; I sat on my bed sharing food with me Bestie and still video chatting with Niall. I could see his mouth watering "What? Do you want some Nando's Nialler?" OMG did I just call Niall Horan Nialler!? I am such a nerd! "Well Katie Cat," He said winking. "I would love some Nando's how bout we get some tonight," He face palmed "That didn't sound wrong or anything huh Horan," I laughed. Niall shook his head "Sorry," "How about we make it a double date," I said nudging Olive and looking at Liam. "Sounds like a plan!" Niall said, "How's uh 7?" Niall asked "7's perfect," Olive and I said together smiling. "Well sorry babe, but we should let you two get ready," Liam said "Alright c'ya!" I said waving and smiling full of dimples.

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