Kate, Lost her memory and the flashbacks come back to her... but from the begining, if you want to know how she lost her memory, or what happens afterwards READ(:


7. Nando's(:

I ran downstairs Olive fixing my hair and me, fixing hers. The doorbell rang we jumped a mile high, I practice a smile and opened the door. Oh. My. God. He looked... Wow. "Kate? Is there a problem?" "Oh no, it;s just wow." I forgot I was staring. "Well You two look absolutely gorgeous," Liam said staring at Olive odviously checking her out, "Uh yeah fantastic," Niall said staring. "Well we should uh get going..." THIS WAS AWKWARD. "Yeah let's go i'm starving!" Olive said "Not as hungry as I am," Niall joked. The car ride was even worse. The best part was when Liam decided to turn on the radio and guess what song pops on? Yeah my favorite! I couldn't help it! It just came out "NOW I'M CLIMBING THE WALLS BUT YOU DON'T NOTICE AT ALL!" Niall burst out laughing. How embarrassing. Well we finally got to Nando's the waitress was hitting on my man! NO MY MAN! I was about to yell. "I would like the chicken a milkshake a burger extra pickles, fries and onion rings." Niall answered I laughed "I'd like fries, and a burger please?" Niall looked at me as if I was on drugs "What?" "That's it!?" "Uh yeah?" Niall shook his head, Olive was next "I'd like chicken wings and a water thanks?" Liam smirked "Make that a double so we can share" Liam winked "Aww you guys are so cute!" I said oops it slipped I couldn't help it! the waitress came with our food. Liam and Olive shared wings there so cute(: Niall asked the waiter for two straws why? more milkshake for him? When she brough the other straw. He put in it and that's when it hit me awww(: Niall asked "Wanna share" with a wink. I smiled well duh I want to! "Uh sure" I said with a smile. He pushed the milkshake between us and we started sipping how romantic(: I smiled at Niall who put Two fries in his mouth making it look like he had fangs. Sadly the night ended. The boys walked us up to the stoop. Olive hugged Liam and kissed his cheek. I hugged Niall and kissed his cheek and said "Would you guys like to come over for a movie day tomorrow?" The boys smiled they had an idea I could tell! "How about ALL One Direction join us?" They said smiling. "Sounds like a date!" I said

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