Kate, Lost her memory and the flashbacks come back to her... but from the begining, if you want to know how she lost her memory, or what happens afterwards READ(:


3. How it all began.

I was finally 18! YESS! The only thing on my mind ONE DIRECTION! God! There so cute! And did I mention Niall Horan was the cute boy 6 years ago I saw in Nando's I must seem like a creep I kinda stalk him. No biggy right? Millions of girls do! I still have a crush on him LOLwho am I kinding who doesn't! I was drinking my tea, watching an interview of the boys, When the interviewer asked "Now boys I know you've had crushes but who is the crush you will always remember?" I thought to myself "WOAH great question!" Louis answered first: "I remember a girl who I ran into in the hall, her name was Autumn, I told her, I'm sorry but I guys I got blinded by your beautifulness," Zayn elbowed Louis "Your so cheesey Lou," "She giggled and smiled to the ground," interviewer: "Aww your such a sweet heart! what about you Liam?" Liam: "Well I had a crush on this girl, Her name was Olivia, She was also Known as Olive," I thought "Holy Harry Styles!!! Olive! NO WAY! I can't wait to tell her Liam Payne has a crush on her!! Well Had, from grade school," Liam: "Olive was super pretty but I think I may have broke her heart I asked a girl Not knowing Olive was around the corner on a date by singing to her, I heard foot steps and she walked b eyes watery, I felt like a jerk.  Sadly the girl said no," Harry laughed and said "Liam! You never told me this!" Liam smiled awkwardly and said "What about you HAARRRYYY!?" "I, I can't remember anyone" Harry said nervously looking to Louis anxious seeing if he found out. Liam shrugged and said "Zaynster what about you?" Zayn answered "I used to have a crush on this girl who was like 2 feet taller than me, I kissed her once, I had to stand on a block to get to her height though," Zayn said laughing Niall burst out laughing, Interviewer: "What about you Niall!?" Niall answered, "I was around 12, Out eating with me mum and dad at Nando's this girl smiled at me and I was speechless, My mum asked what was wrong but I couldn't talk, My mum said Niall? That's when she turned around and looked at me like My mum just answered a question for her," Harry: "Niall! we should find this girl for you LOL!" Niall turned bright red "Well as she was walking out with her dad I said goodbye she smiled and waved goodbye, I over heard her dad call her Kate," Kate gasped "was. was. was he ta...alking about me???!" I rang Olive told her about Liam Payne liking her (She FREAKED out!) and asked her too look up the interview and see if it sounded like me at that age, It took her a few minutes when I heard her gasp "Katie! NIALL HORAN HAS A CRUSH ON YOU NO FREAKING WAY!!!" I laughed and said "Olive come over NOW! we have to fangirl together!" I hung the mobil up and I heard Liam say, "Hey! She's Olive's bestfriend!" Niall went red to the face and the interview ended. Niall James Horan has a crush on me, Kate Foster.

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