Kate, Lost her memory and the flashbacks come back to her... but from the begining, if you want to know how she lost her memory, or what happens afterwards READ(:


2. Age: 12

My mind explored to 12 years later when my whole life changed, it started after the memoriall of my mum, It has been 12 ears since i've seen her. I'm glad I have my dad, if I didn't I think I would've died (Yes I was VERY over dramatic.) But that changed in about 2 minutes. We were driving to my favorite restraunt Nando's I passed a quite cute blonde boy, I smiled at him and he said "Hi" he had an irish accent!!!! Exciting! Haha. We ate our lunch  I waved be to the cute blonde boy, I happened to overhear his mum and dad call him Niall, Huh cute name ah? Well we were driving back home, my dad had alot on his mind when a van T-boned our car having my dad pass away instantly. It was the worst day of my life. I had to move in with my Aunt and Uncle, the bad thing was he used to do BAD things to my Aunt and I. He would beat me and my Aunt til' we were black and blue! When finally my Aunt got a broken arm from him, she finally called the police. He was arrested in no time. I was left with my Aunt she was really sweet! (And she was a fairly good cook) It was finally my Birthday 13 years of age. I had really no friends except my best friend Olive (Her real name was Olivia but it's too girly for her.) My Aunt invited her over to have some cake, icecream, and tea. She brought me a present! I asked her not too but she insisted. She got me my first hair iron! My life was pretty much complete after that it was official I loved her! Not literally, but that's when we started sharing clothes, doing eachothers makeup ETC. I was begining too feel pretty, I never really have felt that way, which is why I love my bestfriend Olive.

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