Kate, Lost her memory and the flashbacks come back to her... but from the begining, if you want to know how she lost her memory, or what happens afterwards READ(:


5. A special call

Kate opened the message "1 new message from: Unknown number?" Kate opens the message and reads aloud "Uh hi? This is Niall, If you get this will you give me a call? I'd really appreciate to hear your beautiful voice(:" Kate said smiling. "Should I call him!?" Kate asked Olive, "DUHHH!" Kate bit her lip. She entered the number and pushed send. She flipped her phone up so it'd be on speaker, "Hello?" Niall said. "Hi this is Kate," Kate said sweetly. "OH hi Kate, thank you for calling me..." Kate smiled, "No problem, You're on speaker for your information, and my friend Olive- I mean Olivia, Is in the room," I said nervously. "Oh that's- wait Liam's Olive!?" Niall asked, "Yeah!" "OH MY GOSH! Let me get Liam DON'T HANG UP!" Kate laughed "Alright Niall," I could hear him set the phone down and run to the door and scream "LIAM! OLIVE ALERT! NOW! HURRY!" Kate could hear running foot steps and the door slamming open and heard "REALLY! NO WAY!" Niall ran back to the phone, I giggled a little, "Uh hello? you still there?" "Uh yeah, and hi." I said sweetly and giggled. Kate whispered "Olive come her," Olive tiptoed to my bed and we sat down. "Niall? this is Olive, Olive well this is Niall." "Oh Hi Olive, Liam say hello to Olive," "Erhmm Hi Olive," "Hi Liam." Kate interrupted knowing it's getting awkward."Would you guess like to Skype instead? So we can see eachother face-to-face?" "Uh Sure!" Niall answered "Let me get my laptop," Kate said "Ok." Niall said. Kate grabbed her laptop and typed in her password and logged into Skype. "Urhmm ok," Niall spelled out his username and logged into his computer and Skype, They saw eachother face to face "Hi again." Kate said again smiling dimples and all, Niall smiled back Kate gasped "What is there something in me teeth?" Niall asked rubbing his tongue on his teeth. Kate giggled "No, it's just you're smiling to me.." "Ohh.. Well I guess it's just a habit" He said smiling. Liam peered into the screen and said rather loudly "HIII" "Hi Liam," Kate and Olive said together. Niall whispered something to Liam, Liam backed up away from the camera grabbed Niall's guitar and sat next to Niall on the bed. "Here you go Nialler," Liam said. "Thanks." "You gonna play me a tune?" Kate said and winked, she then pulled her hair behind her ears. Kate's P.O.V. I grabbed a piece of Olive's hair and started bradding it,  Niall looked at it like it's chinese. I laughed out. "What?" I asked. Niall laughed "Let me play a tune," Niall laughed and started playing my favorite song 'One Thing' "Oh my favorite!" Me and Olive squealed. "Wait... are you guys Directioners...?" Olive and I looked at eachother and looked down "Uhh yeah, I guess sorry..." I said a little sadly. "Oh cool! That's amazing!" I looked up and smiled at him. I looked in his eyes and they were sparkling, I didn't know what that mean't maybe if I made an excuse to get some food for Olive and I, And search what it means when a guys eyes sparkle. "Uh sorry if I seem rude... But do you mind if I grab a snack for me and Olive?" "Oh sure!" Liam said, "I'll just stay up here and keep you guys occupied!" Olive said smiling like I taught her. "Ok," Niall and Liam said. I ran down stairs and googled it. "If a guys eyes sparkle it means there is some feelings for her." I gasped does Niall have a few feelings for me? Olive's P.O.V "So what do you guys wanna talk about?" I asked. "Is uhh Kate single...?"Niall asked I answered "Why do you have a crush on her?" "Well maybe a small one like puny," Niall claimed "Well it's odvious., and it's odvious she likes you and yes she is single so ask her out, like SOON!" Niall went red to the face. I had to laugh out. "Well at least i'm not like Liam who Likes," Liam slapped his hand over Niall's mouth, Niall muffled out the word "You" Liam went even redder to the face. "If you ask Kate out, I'll go on a date with Liam I guess," Liam's eye's widened He whispered to Niall when Niall said "Deal."

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