Kate, Lost her memory and the flashbacks come back to her... but from the begining, if you want to know how she lost her memory, or what happens afterwards READ(:


1. Intro.

Kate gasped as her mind explored the flashbacks flooding back into her memory starting from her mothers death. Baby Kate was wailing, crying out as her parents were screaming at eachother, she pulled herself up and made a jump over the side of the cribe. She landed on her hands and knee's and started crawling to a cupoard. When she heard her father cry out "No! Laura!"  Laura a.k.a Kate's mum had collapsed from her chemotherapy earlier that day. Kate heard the ambulance sirens and started crying, Kate's dad came over to Kate and smiled at her with a sign of a tear about to fall from his eyes, Kate gurgled a little and reached out to her dad. He picked her up, and carried her to the car and drove to the hospital. Latter that evening Kate looked up to see her dad on his knee's tears streaming down his face gasping the word "No!" Kate soon found at her mother has passed away, She didn't know what was going on, until she was around 5 years old and asked "Where's mummy?"

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