Brotherly Love

Lily Malik and Daniella Styles are the sisters of 2/5 of Boyband One Direction. They soon grow feelings for their best friends brother and when they all go on tour with the boys and feelings start to show...


8. Talk & Movies


Lily’s POV

Talking with Dani was great, we could talk about anything except she doesn’t know that I like Mark Salling (Puck from Glee) and I made it pretty believable that I don’t like Harry. It will be awkward because I know Mark is coming to one of the boys concert when we visit some place in the USA and Dani might give him the wrong idea. She never told me who she liked. Ever. I think I should ask her tonight.


Dani and I sit in my bunk, “Dani, can you tell me who you like,” I ask brushing my fingers through my hair. She gulps, “Um, do I HAVE to,” she complains putting the emphasis on the word ‘have’ “Damn straight you do! I’ve waited ages!” I slap her arm groaning. She gulps, “Umm, I kinda like Liam’s friend, you remember him? Maz?” I think back to the summer we spent at Liam’s in Wolverhampton. “Oh yeah, the one who makes YouTube videos!”


Even though Dani had told me unconvincingly I still believe her because she’s my best friend and Maz is really awesome!


“Guys its Dinner time!” Harry calls from the living room, we get up and move into the living room. Dani sprints towards the table as soon as she see’s the tacos, Obviously she and Harry love their tacos. Harry walks out with all the fillings wearing a chefs hat with ‘Chef Styles’ in cursive writing. He notices me looking and winks, I turn my head and blush.


After eating we decided to watch a movie, “How about Paranormal Activity,” Zayn suggests, I’ve seen it but I shrug sitting next to Louis on the couch. Niall sits with Dani then Louis then me. Harry and Zayn sit on the floor and Liam sits on a kitchen stool tweeting. Halfway through the movie Louis pokes my cheek and I nudge him back starting a full on nudge war. We keep nudging eachother giggling and I nudge until he falls onto Dani who falls onto Niall’s chest. We all keep nudging eachother and Harry looks at me and starts cringing... weird. So does Zayn when he looks at Dani. Awkward. Finally we stop when Liam yells, “Guys, stop the nonsense! I’m freezing my peanuts off!” We look at him weirdly and laugh then stop to watch the rest of the movie. 


When the movie finishes we all say good night to eachother and head off. While I’m brushing my teeth Harry walks in and smiles. After he brushes his teeth I’m still going because I’m very hygienic and he leans in and whispers, “Goodnight beautiful,” he kisses my cheek with minty breath and leaves. I smile as I finish off my teeth put on my pyjamas and go to bed.

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