Brotherly Love

Lily Malik and Daniella Styles are the sisters of 2/5 of Boyband One Direction. They soon grow feelings for their best friends brother and when they all go on tour with the boys and feelings start to show...


5. Sparks Ignite

Dani’s POV

For the night we are staying at “The Ritz”.We walked into the hotel room, the walls are a creamy colour,  the door leads into the lounge. Niall straight away heads for the kitchen, which is across from the lounge, me and Lily head into one room with two beds and put our bags down,we see theres an ensuite. After we put our bags at the entrance we walk into the lounge room, Harry, Louis and Zayn are watching TV.


 “So, whats the plan?” I ask, as I sit next to Harry, and Lily sits next to Zayn, “Well, we’re leaving in the morning to go on the bus-” Harry starts before Louis interrupts “I’m bored lets play a game!” he grins “Louis! We only just got here” I reply, “But, still, we need to do something fun...” Oh no... Louis gonna get us in trouble like he always does...


“So whats your plan?” asks Lily shyly, “FOOD FIGHT!” shouts Louis and pulls out a banana and slams it on Lily’s face she gasps and wrestles him to the ground, as soon as that happens we all head into the kitchen and start chucking food at each other.


Niall and Liam walk in and have shocked faces, “Guys what on earth are you doi-” Liam starts then get cut off as Harry throws a tomato at his face, “ May the Food Games begin!” proclaims Niall in his ‘Voice Over Man’ voice. 


By the time we have all finished, we are all rolling on the floor laughing then Paul walks in the door, like I said, Louis will get us in trouble, we wait for it, “You guys, you are all covered in food!” Paul says staring at us weirdly, we all start laughing again.


“Okay guys just clean up, and we need you all ready by 8:00 tomorrow” Paul says, “Yes Sir” Louis salutes. “See you in the morning” he says closing the door behind him, “Bye Paul!” We chant getting up off the floor and starting to clean up.


“Okay, I’m gonna go have a shower” I say, “Okay, we’re gonna order dinner” says Liam, “YAY FOOD!” shouts Niall. Then out of no where we hear someone scream “My hair!” and we all turn to Zayn looking in a mirror, pulling out cheese out of his hair. We crack up laughing and his cheeks go red. He’s so cute. Damn it what am I saying, Lily nudges me and we walk into our room. I shower and then Lily does. I put on a grey tank and blue pyjamas pants with cats on them, what can I say, I’m a Styles!  


After eating dinner which had to be Nando’s to Niall’s request “Okay guys, we better get to sleep if we have to get up so early in the morning” says Liam. “Goodnight everyone!” he says, “Goodnight Liam!” we all say back, Soon he is followed by Niall then Harry and Louis sneak off to there room. Lily yawns, “I better be going to Dani, Night you two,” she chirps kissing Zayn’s cheek and leaving. “Look at the stars,” I whisper to Zayn, “They’re beautiful,” he smiles at me, I smile back looking into his chocolate brown eyes I get lost of him and the silence turns awkward, I look away and stand up, “Good night Zayn, cya in the morning,” I mutter, “Goodnight beautiful,” he replies as I close the bedroom door behind me.

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