Brotherly Love

Lily Malik and Daniella Styles are the sisters of 2/5 of Boyband One Direction. They soon grow feelings for their best friends brother and when they all go on tour with the boys and feelings start to show...


6. Morning before the Bus


Lily’s POV

I wake up to light seeping through the hotel rooms curtains, I look at the clock next to me, 6:00. Perfect! I crawl out of bed trying not to wake Dani up, I grab my clothes and toiletries and head for the ensuite. I turn on the hot water and do my routine. I hum WMYB and turn off the water. I slip on some white shorts a black singlet and a floral-patterned jacket.


I brush my teeth and straighten my brown hair. I put on the gold watch my mum gave me when I was really small, I don’t go anywhere without. I check the time, 7:30 I’m on time. We have an hour and a half so I go downstairs to see Niall rummaging around for food in the pantry. “Hayy Gurl Hayy!” I greet him. He rolls his eyes and points to the empty pantry, “FOOOOOOOD!!!!!” he moans tugging my arm. I laugh and check the cupboards and the fridge. The fridge has so much food in it, Niall tries to shove me out of the way but I hold him back, “Wait,” I tell him sternly, I grab out the eggs and bacon and start cooking enough for 20 because these boys eat like pigs.


While they are cooking I get out some oranges and make some orange juice and pouring it into some cups, I dance around the kitchen putting plates around the table along with knives and forks, remembering no spoons for Liam. I turn the stove off and out the eggs and bacon in two big platters on the table.


Suddenly people came running out of nowhere all dressed at started eating. I grab one of my cereal bars out of the top cupboard and sit down to watch them all eat. “Lil, please eat!” Zayn pleads with big eyes. I sigh and take a sip of my juice. I’m one of those people who only likes particular food like I always have cereal bars and orange juice for breakfast. I’m fine cooking for other people but I absolutely hate some foods.


I shake my head and Zayn gives me a parent look I shrug and continue eating. Once we’re all finished we head off to our rooms to get our belongings and wait for Paul. I sort my stuff out in the living room cos Dani takes up lots of space.


When my bags are all zipped up I run down the hallway to quickly go to the loo but as I turn the corner I bump into someone and fall back banging my head on the corner of the wall. “Ouch!” I yelp rubbing my head and rolling around on the floor like a puppy. I hear someone laughing and open my eyes to see Harry his beautiful green eyes sparkling back at me, “Oh hey,” I say blushing, “Sorry.. I didn’t see where I was going and it hurt and thats what happen when I get hurt... I roll around like a puppy...” I tell him blushing, He chuckles, “Same here, I’ll try to bump into you more often,” he stops and looks around leaning in and whispering in my ear, “and for the puppy thing? It’s cute,” he finishes winking and walking away leaving me in a dazed state.

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