Brotherly Love

Lily Malik and Daniella Styles are the sisters of 2/5 of Boyband One Direction. They soon grow feelings for their best friends brother and when they all go on tour with the boys and feelings start to show...



This is the story of two girls Daniella Anne Styles and Lily Sophia Malik. These girls, even though they were best friends they were completely different, Jade was an average girl on the other hand, Lily was very girly she loved to wear dresses and all the things your average girl would do.

 Lily and Daniella did everything together even though they dressed differently and looked slightly different they were still best friends.

No matter where Lily went Danielle went to and where ever Danielle went Lily went, they were conjoined at the hip and were the happiest people anybody had met.

Daniella and Lily weren't your average girls Daniella was the sister of Harry Styles 1/5 of British/Irish boy band One Direction and met Lily, curreently her best friend through her brother who is best friends with Lily's brother Zayn Malik also a member of One Direction. The girls hang out with the boys alot and they all make a nice group of friends.

This is where the story starts...

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