Brotherly Love

Lily Malik and Daniella Styles are the sisters of 2/5 of Boyband One Direction. They soon grow feelings for their best friends brother and when they all go on tour with the boys and feelings start to show...


7. Bus Fun!


Harrys P.O.V 

Lily’s so adorable and perfect, but Zayn would beat the pussy out of me if he knew the way I felt about his sister, but her rolling on the floor, I wonder if  she’s .....NO HARRY DON’T THINK THAT WAY!

Paul walks in the door, “Hey everyone!” he says, “Hey Paul!” we all chant back. 

“Ready?” he raises and eyebrow. “Ready as ever!” Louis replies. “Okay, lets go!” He smiles. Paul leads us out of the room, into a hall way, I look behind myself, I see Zayn talking to Dani, he bett- Oh my Gosh, Lily is so perfect, NO HARRY. STOP. BAD BOY! IT’S ZAYN SISTER FOR GOD’S SAKES YOU CAN’T HAVE FEELINGS FOR HER!

Who cares, Zayn can talk to Daniella, whatever. “ So you excited for the tour?” I ask as I catch up to Lily trying to chat her up.


Dani’s P.O.V 

We reach the bus which was outside, its red obviously. We walk in the bus, it has a kitchen on the left, then a couch and table on the right, and a T.V, on the left wall, then down aisle, theres 4 beds on the  left wall, with curtains, then 3 on the right.


“Choose your bunks!” says Paul. I take the the top on the left, Lily takes the one under me, then Harry then Louis, on the right Zayn takes the top, then Niall then Liam. We all put our bags in the bunk. As I get down from my bunk I look at Zayn, oh gosh he is so h-. Crap he saw me staring, I smile to cover it up. I feel my cheeks go red, We all head into the lounge “Okay guys, I’ll come later to tell you whats happening, I’m staying in the room at the very back, I’ll talk to you guys later,” Paul tells us and heads to the room at the back, “Bye Paul!” We chant, its really weird how we do that.


We should do something its gonna be a long ride,” says Liam, “Like what?” I ask

He grins, “we can watch Toy Story!” The rest of us groan. How many times have we had to watch that? he gives us a puppy face, “Fine” Louis says, Liam goes and gets the DVD and puts it in the drive thats connected to the T.V. We all sit down on the couch Harry on Louis lap, I roll my eyes at them and Louis throws a pillow on me those guys can get so out of hand. I sit next to Lily and  Zayn comes and sits next to me Niall and Liam sit on the floor together


We watch the first Toy Story, Zayn’s elbows keep bumping into mine, it was so hard to not blush, “I’m hungry” says Niall his tummy rumbling. “Nialler, your always hungry” says Lily, “I know, but it’s lunch time!” Niall whines and points to his watch. He’s right its 12:30

Lily gets up to get some stuff so we can make sandwiches, what can I say, she loves cooking.


“Hay curly!” I say and toss his curls through my fingers, “Don’t touch the curls, your hair is curly to!” He scruffles my hair, I give him a weird face, he gives one back, “Family Love” says Louis, we all laugh. Lily then walks back into the kitchen with platter full of sandwiches and places them on the coffee table.


Niall attacks the tray he grabs a bunch off ingredients we wait for him to settle down before grabbing our own food. Louis gets a bunch of carrots and starts peeling them and puts them in his sandwich, “Do you really need that much carrots Lou?” I ask him, “Theres no such thing, as too much carrots” He answers in a matter-of-fact face. 

I make my sandwich, chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise, I walk over to Niall, he seems he hasn’t even started yet, he’s got a but-load of food in-front of him, and has a worried look, “Niall, you okay there buddy?” I ask him. “There’s so much beautiful food, I don’t know what to pick” he says with a worried face, I chuckle, “I’ll help you” I help him, and make the same as mine, “Thanks Dani” he says, “No problem Nialler, any time!” I say and ruffle his hair. I look over at Lily while I eat my sandwich she takes her time, putting a layer of ham, lettuce and cucumber all even and perfect, she then takes her knife and cuts them into 4 little triangles all perfect as well, “Lil, just eat,” I groan along with someone else I look over my shoulder too see Zayn also watching his sister he winks at me and I smile. Lily rolls her eyes and sits back down eating her sandwich careful


After eating, Liam and Niall get out their laptops, probably on Twitter. Zayn goes to sleep, Harry and Louis are being boys, and me and Lily, go onto the top bunk, (my bunk) and do what normal best friends do, Talk.

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