Brotherly Love

Lily Malik and Daniella Styles are the sisters of 2/5 of Boyband One Direction. They soon grow feelings for their best friends brother and when they all go on tour with the boys and feelings start to show...


4. Airport

Lily’s POV

“Flight number E69 has just landed,” a voice from the intercom announced Daniella and I sat up straighter, that was the boys flight they’d be here any second. Fans screamed from outside the airport holding posters and chanting the lyrics to What Makes You Beautiful. All of a sudden the arrival gates open we hope to see the boys but instead find Paul talking into a phone. The fans scream louder from outside the airport. New York had some pretty hard-core Directioners they seemed to have figured out where the boys always are. 


Paul walked over to Daniella and I and said, “Girls, grab your bags, the boys are waiting out the back-” he starts but gets cut off by the girls screaming again and running away, do they have super hearing or what? They ran around to the back, “Oh damn,” Paul curses. He grabs his walkie talkie, “Its Paul, bring the boys round to the west side the fans heard me say they were around the back... okay bye.” he grabs our two larger suitcases and motions for us to walk after him.


The wheels of our suitcases scratching on the floor as we arrive at the west side. A barricaded door stands in our way and Paul pulls out a key and opens it. He holds the door and we see two black vans outside and lots of distant screaming. He grabs the rest of our luggage and takes it towards the second one, “Go to the other one quick before they hear us!” I step forward and open the door to the van stepping inside. “SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” a person yells.


I jump in surprise to see a familiar face of the boys, “LOUIS. THE. TOMMO. TOMLINSON. AT. YOUR. SERVICE.” he shouts, all of a sudden I hear a girl shouting, “I found them!!” and lots of screaming and running. I jump into the van landing on someones lap and so does Daniella but sits comfortably in a chair. The door is slammed shut and we speed off to the sound of girls screaming, “COME BACK!” 


I sigh and hear someone cough to get my attention, I realize I’m still sitting on someones lap I look at them to see two beautiful green eyes staring back at me, I know its Harry and I blush slightly our faces close together I realise its silent in the van so everyone must be watching, “Oh, sorry,” I slide off his lap and sit next to Dani and blush again. I kiss Zayn’s cheek, “Hay gurl Hay,” I say in our brother-sister chat up line tradition, “Vas Happenin?” he asks raising his eyebrow. We both laugh and I lie back in my chair, “Guys I’m tired as hell I’m going to sleep for a bit.”


Zayn’s POV

I saw the way Harry was looking at my sister but I was to busy looking at Dani to care, she’s so perfect I want to make her mine but Harry would kill me...

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