High-school freshman Nerissa Blane has problems. They're not exactly the same as your average teenage girl's either. Nerissa is adopted and on a quest to find her birth mother. But this story isn't quite so cookie-cutter. Why is she finding her biological mother? Oh, because the voice inside her head is telling her to. Not to mention the fact that Nerissa makes water fountains explode. On accident, of course. Is she just plain mad, or is something bigger really going on?


1. The Episode

      Block it. Just block it. It's killing me! The rain. It's been like this since I was little. Water. I can't stand it. It drives me insane. My head is pounding. My vision is blurred. I'm shaking. My heart is racing. Where is it? The one thing that can help me cope. Where. Is. It. There! I've found it! Ugh. Why did I pick a blue one? It makes me want to HURL. Doesn't matter. Stick the ear-buds in, turn the volume up. My iPod. The old, beat-up thing is my only solace. It doesn't matter now. I can finally see well enough to pick a song, although the tremor going through my fingers is not making this navigation through my playlist any easier. After picking a song, I tackle my bed, close my eyes with such force I think they're starting to tear, and take a deep breath. Everything's going to be fine. Exhale. Just go to sleep. Inhale. Sleep. Exhale. And everything melts away.

     Except for the voice inside my head. It's smooth, feminine, and familiar, but only because I've heard it a million times before. "You have to stop it." Stop what? "You must find her!" It commands. That's when I jerk back into consciousness.

     It's dark now. The light that was once reflected off the rain clouds has faded. It's still raining. I need to clear my head. I'll go get myself a glass of w—juice. I need juice. I stagger through the door into the hallway and then I hear it. First it's just the distant buzz of the TV, but then "Plink. Plink. Plink." The faucet. In the bathroom. It's... dripping.

      The next thing I remember is my dad's deep, concerned voice calling to me. First, questioningly,then growing more intensely worried. "Nerissa?" Pause. "Nerissa!"

     "Yeah, Dad?" I call back. I hear his footsteps approaching. He comes into view. I stumble, getting up from the ground.

     "Nerissa, what are you doing back there?! I heard a crash. Are you okay?"

     "Yeah, dad. Sorry, I just... slipped." More like black out.

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