High-school freshman Nerissa Blane has problems. They're not exactly the same as your average teenage girl's either. Nerissa is adopted and on a quest to find her birth mother. But this story isn't quite so cookie-cutter. Why is she finding her biological mother? Oh, because the voice inside her head is telling her to. Not to mention the fact that Nerissa makes water fountains explode. On accident, of course. Is she just plain mad, or is something bigger really going on?


4. Mirror Image

      So, I sent her an email, and I'm just kind of waiting for a reply. Now I'm pacing the edge of my room. I should really be more patient. She might not even reply for a few days. God, I hope she emails back soon. What if she just doesn't respond? Zapplo's didn't give me a phone number this time...


    My laptop! I scramble towards it, nearly tripping over myself. Sure enough, it's her. Hmm. Her answer is short. "Who are you? What do you want? And WHY do you look like me?" Wow. Maybe we are related. I wonder what the similarities are?

    I tell her my story. It sounds like something out of a corny movie (one with a young Dakota Fanning and lots of crying or something.); a girl who was adopted that has never known her real family desperately tries to contact them. I wonder if she'll believe me. Maybe if I could just talk to her. "Can I call you? What's your phone number?" I add finally.

    After waiting a few minutes, I hear the ping again. "No phone," it reads. "webcam?" Part of me wonders if I'm doing the right thing. I mean, stories about internet predators are all over the news. Plus, I've heard A LOT of stories of what people have seen on Chat Roulette and —what's that other one?— Omegle. The rest of me is thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?" I can see what she looks like myself. A few messages later and we've exchanged Skype names and everything is all set. I'm calling her now. 

     Her webcam turns on and i see a boy's black sweatshirt, which kind of confuses me. The hands are pressing buttons and then the figure steps back. "Ho-ly—"

    "Shit," she finishes for me. This might be taking the whole "family resemblance" thing a little far.

     "We're... identical."

     "It's called being twins."

     "Twins? Is that what we are?" I ask, still slightly dumbfounded.

     "When's your birthday?"

     "When is yours?" I counter, almost afraid of what the answer will be. She groans. "Fine." I exhale. "On three."

      "One...." We say in unison. "Two...Three— APRIL THIRD!"

    "That settles it then. Twins." she repeats. I'm still too shocked to speak. "One question though. If we're identical twins, then we have the same genes, right?"

    "Right..." I answer, not really following.

    "So, you can do this?" She says, and then she snaps her fingers and flame appears above her fingers, like her thumb is a cigarette lighter. My eyes get wide. I tell myself to knock it off. That's not even the craziest thing I've seen. Act normal for a second: have fun using your magic water power. I smile at the phrase.

    It turns into a smirk. "Nice trick," I say. I grab the glass of water from my nightstand. "But no. I do this." I flick the air around the glass three times, commanding the water to move. Three balls of water the size of marbles levitate from the cup. I twirl my index finger in a circle a few times, sending the spheres trailing after it. Then I lead them back into the cup. She looks impressed.

    "Nice meeting you Nerissa."

    "And you, Seraphina." The sentence sounds awkward coming out of my mouth. I think she noticed.

    "Call me Blaze."

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