Niall Horan

All about Niall Horan.
Including, birth and more


2. X factor

He came from a young unknow Niall to a young x factor truly
Known. When he first adudionts he had blown the judges hair off
It was that good.
It was time for boot camp for the young lad.
When boot camp had its last and final elimination for boot camp sadly
He walked away with no x factor talent.
But when a person said when your name is called please go to the judges.
Niall was one of those lads thats name was called.
He went he went back to the judges and said we are putting
Together a boy band and you five are it.
He walked away happy from the judges.
It came to the live shows and already they had named their group.
They named it one direction.
They made it until it was time for the winner that came third.
But unfortunately one direction came third.
And Niall was happy that he got some where and lasted that long.
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